CVC Puzzles

Activity for ages 5 to 6.

CVC onset rime puzzles are a fun way to help beginning readers learn how to recognize common chunks in words such as “at” and “ip”. These print and play puzzles make an awesome addition to a literacy center, word work station or guided reading group.

Getting Ready

To prep for the activity, I began by printing the cards (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability. Then I cut along the  lines to separate the pieces and ran them through my laminator for added strength.


Puzzle Time

First, I modeled how to break a CVC word into an onset and rime.

Using “cat” as an example, I slid together both halves of the puzzle as I said the word slowly – emphasizing the onset “c” and the rime “at”.

The kids practiced saying “cat – /c/ /at/” with me and then they worked in pairs to solve the rest of the puzzles in the set. Each time they found a match, I had them say the onset and rime separately and then slide the halves together as they said the whole word. The hands-on action was a great visual for teaching their brain how to combine parts of words together.

The kids in my class loved solving the puzzles and the activity became a fast favorite at our word work station!


Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to download your free set of the CVC onset rime puzzles and then hop over and snag our Word Family Activity Pack for more CVC fun!

Mega Word Family Activity Pack. Motivating games plus no prep activity sheets. Love this pack!

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  1. Fluffy

    Thank you so much for the wonderful resources.
    I can hardly wait to get them printed and start using them in my classroom!

    • Kimberleigh

      Hooray Fluffy! I am so glad that you found some wonderful resources to use in your classroom.
      Happy planning!

  2. Antonia

    Congratulations on your wonderful resources. I work as a learning support educator, your resources would help any child succeed, thanks.

  3. Amanda

    I am trying to download this item and it keeps sending to an “unknown website” page, instead sending the item to my mailbox.

  4. jeong

    I like it very much



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