Looking for a quick and fun name game for kids? Names are one of the first words many children learn to read and write and this low-prep name game is an exciting way to practice them.

In Magic Letters, kids learn how to spell their name by making the letters magically appear. Fun, right?!  When you’re done spelling names, head on over to our shop to grab some fun Editable Word Work Centers!

Getting Ready

To prep the Magic Letters sheet, I used an ordinary black Sharpie and spelled my son’s name at the top of a blank piece of paper.

I drew a solid line underneath each letter to make them clearly stand out.

In the next line, I wrote his name again but this time I skipped his first letter – writing a blank line in its place.

I wrote his name twice more, leaving out different letters each time.

Name Game for Kids

Now comes the sneaky part of the name game!

I grabbed a white crayon and wrote the missing letters on the blank lines. If you look very closely, you can actually see them in the photo above.

My behind-the-scenes Houdini magic was complete, so I called my son over to join me.

Magic Letters

To help my three year-old remember how to spell his name, we practiced the silly song several times that I made up for him.

As we sang, I pointed to the letters written at the top of the sheet – moving my finger each time we said a new one.

Then came the fun!

I moved my finger to the next line on the paper and asked my son what he noticed.

“Something’s missing!” he said with excitement.

I explained that one of his letters had disappeared and before we could make it come back, we needed to figure out what it was.

Singing his song once more, he immediately figured out that it was the elusive G. I handed him a paint brush and invited him to dip it in our watercolor paints to see if he was correct.

Magic Letters!! Low prep, fun name game for kids. {Playdough to Plato}

Just a few minutes later, he’d made all of the missing letters magically reappear and was begging to play again.

More Fun With Words

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  1. What an adorable idea, and so easy to create! This would be a fun way to practice spelling words!

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