Looking for a fun number sense challenge that helps kids really grasp what numbers mean? More and Less is a playful number sense game that stretches children’s understanding of place value.

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Getting Ready

To prep this fun number sense game, I simply printed the number cards on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut along the faint black lines to separate them.

I mixed up the cards and placed them face down in a pile on the table.

Then, I printed a copy of the more and less sheet on copy paper and grabbed a pencil. Easy peasy.

Number Sense Game

Before starting, I gave Big Brother (age 6) a quick review of place value. We talked about how the ones are always in the rightmost spot, the tens are next in line and the hundreds sit to the left of that.

We picked up one of the number cards and pointed to each digit as we sang the silly place value song we learned earlier.

Then, Big Brother picked up the top card in the stack and read it out loud: 942. He had managed to pick the trickiest number in the bunch!

More or Less Number Sense Game for Kids!

He wrote the number on the top line.

I reminded him that knowing place value was going to make his next job (figuring out what was 10 more) a whole lot easier. I had him point to the tens place and asked, “Since there are four tens right now, how many tens would there be if we had one more bundle of ten?”

He immediately had one of those ah-ha moments I love so much. “Five!” he called out.

“Will the ones or hundreds place change at all?” I asked.

“No,” he said with confidence.

Now he had all of the clues he needed so he wrote down the answer: 952 was 10 more.

We repeated the same steps for the next three challenges: finding 10 less, 100 more and 100 less.

Then, Big Brother grabbed a new card from the stack: 595.

Fun number sense game for kids!

The number sense game was an awesome way to work on place value, adding and subtracting.

Grab Your Copy and Find More

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  2. I downloaded this game 2 years ago, but have misplaced it during a classroom move. When I press download here, it says the page is not found. Is there anyway to get this game again?!

  3. When I fill in the form with my name and email to get the free download, it won’t let me click to access the download – nothing happens. 🙁

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