Tissue Paper Sight Word Craft

For ages 5 to 8.

This spin on color by number worksheets is a super easy and fun way to practice sight words and celebrate the arrival of spring.  My 5 year old, A, loved how her flower turned out and can’t wait for me to whip up more sight word sheets. I hope your kids love the sight word craft too!

Sight Word Craft

Getting Ready

For this craft, I grabbed a piece of cardstock and drew a simple flower and sun with a permanent pen.  I filled each section of the picture with a different sight word.  Then I  made a color key by listing each of the sight words and its designated color with markers. Finally I cut a handful of squares in each color from tissue paper, grabbed some glue, and called my 5 year old over to join me.

Engaging sight word craft for kids

A was super excited that this activity would finally allow her to crumble the tissue paper and she grabbed the glue and set to work figuring out which color tissue to crunch up first.  “Ate” she read and found it on the leaf.  She filled the area with glue and quickly crumbled up several tissue squares then carefully placed them on the glue.

Tissue paper sight word craft for kids

After finishing the leaves she wanted to move on to the brighter colors of the petals.  Using thicker craft glue really gave her little hands a workout. It was great for strengthening those muscles she’ll be using for writing in Kindergarten.


When A finished she could hardly wait for the glue to dry! She wanted to hang up her artwork for everyone to see.  “Wow, it turned out so pretty!” she exclaimed giving the poofy flower a gentle pat.

Sight Word CraftWith such an enthusiastic reaction I know we’ll be using this easy craft to practice more sight words in the future!

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  1. Jenny @ My Little Me

    This is such a unique and colorful idea! I love it and will be trying it out with my little one. Pinned for later!



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