Are you working on ou/ow diphthongs in phonics? This flower power sort is a fun diphthong activity that practices reading and focuses on those tricky spelling patterns. It’s perfect for use as a small group center or as a whole group read and write the room.

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Getting Ready

Prep for this diphthong activity was super simple! I just cut out the cards and sorting mats using my trusty paper cutter.

Then, I copied just enough recording sheets for my class and we were all set!

(See? I told you it was easy!)

Flower Power Diphthong Activity

To start, I spread out the ow/ou sorting mats on a flat surface.

I explained that we were going to find the correct flower to go in the right sound pots.

The first student picked a flower card, read the word out loud and decided which spelling pattern her word used.

She placed her flower in the right spot and then we picked a new volunteer to pick a new word.

We went around the room until all the flowers had been planeted in the correct pot.

Once all of the words were correctly sorted, I passed out the record sheet for the students to complete.

It was a great way to give them writing practice and check for understanding!

Diphthong Activity Extension

For a fun twist, place the word cards around the room and have students walk around the room finding, reading and recording the words on their sheet.

Grab Your Download

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    1. Hi Faith,
      You’ll be able to grab a copy of the diphthong sort by using the blue “Download Here” button at the bottom of the page!
      Sarah // Playdough to Plato Team

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