There’s nothing that makes teachers’ hearts flutter quite like hearing the words “no prep”… Especially during those extra busy weeks when it seems like your to-do list just keeps growing. And this pack of short vowel centers is not only no prep, it’s also serious fun.

Snag your set of Roll and Snip Short Vowel Centers below and then hop over to check out our 4-week course called The Reading Roadmap so you can get your hands on hundreds of done-for-you, science of reading aligned centers your students will love.

Quick and easy no prep roll and snip activity for short vowels to use in literacy centers.

These Short Vowel Centers Are Zero Prep!

Pulling together your literacy centers doesn’t get much simpler than this…

Just pick one of the sheets you would like to use with your students and print enough copies for each student to have one.

Make sure everyone has a pair of scissors and a playing die and you are ready to go!

How to Play the Short Vowel Centers

To play, students will cut along the dashed lines of their sheet to create cutting strips. (Each side of the die will have its own strip of words – the column for number one will be a strip, the number two column will be a strip, etc.)

Then kids will roll their playing die, read the matching word, and cut off that bottom slice.

For instance, if students rolled a one, they would look at their one strip and find the word at the bottom of the column: jam.

They would read that word out loud and then snip it off before rolling again.

Play continues until one of the columns is snipped right up to the top!

Grab Your Short Vowel Literacy Centers

This activity is so much fun that your kids will beg to repeat it!

Click the big blue “Download Here” button below to snag your pack of roll and snip sheets and then check out our 4-week course called The Reading Roadmap to get your hands on hundreds of more playful, science of reading aligned centers.

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  1. I filled out the form but it didn’t download. Thank you.

    1. Hi! You can check to see if your browser is blocking pop-ups from the website. You can also try using a different browser like Firefox. Let me know if you’re not able to grab the centers!

      Sarah // Playdough to Plato Team

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