Frozen Puzzles

Many kids {(including my own!) are big fans of the movie Frozen. In this activity, Disney’s famous characters, Elsa and Olaf, come to life when preschoolers put together a Frozen puzzle that gives them practice counting from one to ten.

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Getting Ready

Prepping the activity took just a few minutes. I printed the Frozen puzzle on cardstock to give it some extra durability. I grabbed a pair of scissors and carefully cut width-wise down the middle of the page to separate the two puzzles. Then, I carefully cut along the grey lines to separate each puzzle into ten equal pieces.

Super awesome Frozen puzzles

Frozen Puzzles

Once the pieces were ready, I invited my boys over to start building. Big Brother got to work on the Elsa puzzle first.

I love these!! DIY Frozen puzzles for kids.

Meanwhile, Middle Brother worked on making Olaf come to life.

Fun math center or busy bag!! Frozen puzzles.

After trading the puzzles and finishing their second round of play, we slid each set into a Ziploc and placed them in my bag so we’d have it on hand the next time we were out and need some quick and easy entertainment.

Even More Fun

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  1. Lacy

    How do I download the template to print? I’m sure it is obvious and I am just over looking it!

  2. Greg

    Nice! I have some ideas for creating things on a Froz n theme, but I have been afraid of violating copyright. Can you tell me how you got your permissions so I know who to write to? Thanks!



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