Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets


Do some of your students struggle to read but you’re not sure how to help? If you’ve ever wished you had an easy lesson planning cheat sheet that would help you pick “just right” reading lessons, these are for you!

Snag your set below and then request an invite to our 4 week course, The Reading Roadmap, so you can get the proven, ready-to-deploy system for helping EVERY student thrive!

Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets

Whether you need a quick reference to help you plan your small group instruction or you’re not sure how to help a specific struggling readers, these free lesson planning cheat sheets will help point you in the right direction.

Just grab your copy (below) and print them on plain white paper or color code them by printing on bright neon.

Then slide them into your guided reading binder so you can pull them out quickly when you need them.

For Pre-Readers

If your students are building foundational skills, grab the pre-reading lesson planning cheat sheet and work your way through the list of  lessons.

You’ll teach students how to pick a “just right” book, find a good reading spot that’s free from distractions and read the whole time – instead of wandering to the bathroom, talking with a friend, or staring at the wall. 😉

Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets

For Accuracy

If you notice kids are making mistakes as they read, pull out the accuracy lesson planning cheat sheet for a list of ideas.

Options include teaching students how to connect books with their own life, making predictions about what is going to happen next and revising their guesses as they go along.

Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets

For Fluency

When you have children who need to work on reading more quickly, grab the fluency page for inspiration.

Show them how to read strings of 2 to 5 sight words fluently, hone in on tricky spelling patterns like digraphs and have them reread to build their speed.

Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets

For Comprehension

And last but not least, when students need to practice reading comprehension, show them how to think from different characters’ points of view or retell what happened in the beginning, middle and end…

There are so many “just right” ideas included in the lesson planning cheat sheets!

Lesson Planning Cheat Sheets

Grab Your Free Copy

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