20 Flower Activities

I don’t know about you, but after a long and gray winter, I’m always excited to see flowers start to grow. You too? From working on phonics and letter sounds to science experiments and ten frames, these flower activities are perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

There are even some gorgeous flower art projects that will add some cheerful pops of color to your classroom walls or hallway! For more fun activities, join The Plato Pack! You’ll have unlimited access to all of our math and literacy centers, STEM challenges, digital games and more!

Scroll below to see some great literacy, math, science and art flower activities that are sure to brighten up your classroom… and your pocketbook!

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Flower Literacy Activities

If you are practicing letter sounds, this flower roll and cover will be loads of fun! // Fun Learning for Kids

Are your kids ready for blends? Have them plant a garden and grow some digraphs.

Practicing beginning sounds? This hands-on build a flower letter sort is just what you need! // This Reading Mama

Plant some flowers and work on reading CVC words along the way! Kids will love this flower CVC word match.

And finally, help kids memorize sight words with these playful butterfly puzzles!

Flower Math Activities

Then water some plants by finding the correct sum for each addition problem. // The STEM Laboratory

Or practice subtraction by coloring in your own ten frame flower patch.

Read and count with this free flower counting book. // Fun A Day

Play a motivating round of Flower Coverall to practice making ten.

Practice patterns with this field of tulips. // The Kindergarten Connection

Flower Science Experiments

Use coffee filters and markers to show kids that secondary colors are actually different combinations of primary colors in this colorful chromatography experiment. // Buggy and Buddy

Or awe students with this color-changing flower experiment.(You can make each flower not one but TWO different hues!)

Kids will LOVE making these magically blooming flowers! // The STEM Laboratory

Flower Art Projects

This gorgeous hyacinth flower craft will add a wonderful pop of color to your classroom! // I Heart Crafty Things

A fingerprint dandelion craft is a great art project for younger artists. // Crafty Morning

Add some cheerful pops of color to your classroom with a garden of symmetrical blot flowers!

Pick some flowers and preserve them forever with this easy flower sun catcher. // Artful Parent

And teach students about symmetry while making some gorgeous blooms.  // The STEM Laboratory

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