Rhyming CVC Words

Activity for ages 4 to 7.

Beat the summer heat with this fun rhyming activity! It’s a perfect way to keep beginning readers engaged and practicing their reading skills.

These darling CVC flip flops have picture clues and simple short vowel words so even the earliest readers can find success.

Scroll down to grab your freebie and then scroll down and get even more fun rhyming ideas for your literacy centers.

Getting Ready

The prep for this rhyming activity was quick and easy.

First, I printed my rhyming flip flops on cardstock and then cut them out with my paper slicer. I chose to laminate them too for use year after year.

Then I printed out the recording sheets on some bright Astrobright paper to add a fun pop of color.

(Printing the pages on white copy paper would work too!)

I grabbed some pencils and we were set.

The Activity

Working with my small group, I laid out five sets of rhyming pairs.

(Since we just started working with rhyming, I didn’t want to overwhelm my students.)

The first student picked a flip flop from the cards laid out on the table and said the word out loud: lid.

He placed the card on the table in front of him and went looking for its rhyming match.

“Lid – sub. No, that’s not a match.

Lid – jam. No, that’s not a match.

Lid – Kid. That rhymes!”

It took a few tries, but the student successfully found the word kid to complete the matching pair.

Then I had the entire table say the two words together: lid – kid.

Once all the students, had correctly found all of the matches, I pulled out the recording sheet and had them write the matching pairs for each vowel sound.

It was a great activity to work on learning those rhyming sounds!

Grab Your Download

Ready to make some fun matches while working on CVC words?

Scroll down to grab your freebie by clicking the blue button below then hop through the roundup to find more rhyming activities your kids will love!


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  1. Carrie

    I am still unable to get your downloads. I have clicked on the blue link but it just takes me to the exact same page. I have watched the troubleshooting video and I still can’t figure it out.

  2. Amelia

    I started teaching kindergarten three weeks ago. So I have been online searching for ideas and lots of freebies! I came across your website and have been downloading stuff. Thanks.

    • Ashley

      You are very welcome, Amelia.
      We truly consider it a privilege to give back!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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