These delicious-looking gingerbread cookies will make identifying and sorting digraphs fun for little learners! They are a perfect addition to holiday centers or morning tubs.

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Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

Getting Ready

The prep for this gingerbread digraph activity was minimal.

I simply printed the gingerbread cookie and digraph cookie sheets (below) on cardstock to make them sturdy. Then I ran them through the laminator to help prolong their use.

Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

I chose to print the pages double sided, with the picture on one side and the word on the back for easy self-checking. However, if you’d rather not mess with double-sided printing, you can simply print the cookie cards and leave them as is.

Once everything was cut, I laminated them and was ready to go!

Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

I started by spreading the four different cookie sheets on the table so that all of the digraphs were visible.

Then, I placed all of the gingerbread cookies in a plastic container. (I could have used a cookie jar for fun, but with all of those little hands at the center, I opted to go with something less breakable.)

I called over a group of three students.

We took turns drawing a cookie from the “jar” and looking at the picture.

The student who drew the card then said the name of the picture, listening for the beginning digraph, and decided on which cookie sheet the gingerbread cookie belonged.

For example, when he drew the card with the picture of the sheep, he placed it on the cookie sheet with the SH- digraph at the top.

When the card with the picture of a thumb was drawn, we placed it on the TH- cookie sheet.

Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

We continued picking and sorting cookies until all of the cookies had been placed on cookie sheets.

Since I printed the cards double-sided, students were also able to do a self-check by flipping the cards over to see if they placed the cookie on the correct digraph cookie sheet.

Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

Optional Extension

If you choose to print the cards with the words on the back, you can extend the activity with the recording sheet that is included.

Your student will select two words from each cookie sheet and record it on the page based on the digraph.

Gingerbread Cookie Digraphs

It’s a great option to include if you tend to have early finishers or want to stretch the activity for students who are ready.

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