Rhyming is an important skill to practice in preschool and kindergarten. Bring a festive twist to literacy centers this March with these playful St. Patrick’s Day Rhyming Cards. They’re the perfect complement to our Rhyming Activity Pack! 

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the St. Patrick’s Day Rhyming Cards (below) on cardstock and laminated them for extra durability so that I could easily reuse the centers over and over again – a great time saver in the years to come.

Once I finished laminating, I cut out the cards.

Then I grabbed an empty plastic pencil box and placed the set inside. (It’s a simple way to keep all of the pieces in one place and allows students to easily pull for centers or independent work.)

St. Patrick’s Day Rhyming Cards

The St. Patrick’s Day Rhyming Cards (below) contain 30 individual cards that cover all vowels. There are three different rhyming card pairs for all five vowels, making 15 pairs total.

I love when a single printable can easily turn into a variety of different games for your students. There are so many fun activities that can do be done with these cards!

Here are a few of my favorite:

Pocket Chart Rhyming Sort

This can easily be completed on a pocket chart or on the floor. Students will sort through the cards looking for rhyming pairs.


Once students have mastered the above, they can play memory using these cards.

All they will need to do is lay the cards picture down on the ground and then take turns finding the rhyming pairs.

The person with the most pairs wins.

Vowel Sound Sort

Students can extend their knowledge of finding rhyming pairs by then placing each pair under the corresponding vowel. Simply write or type out the vowels on paper and have students sort according the the vowel.

Grab Your Set

Ready to print your free set?! Click the blue download button below to grab your rhyming cards and then hop over and snag our Rhyming Activity Pack too!  For more word fun, check out our awesome Editable Word Work Board Games!

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  1. How do the fish and the run/finish rhyme together? Our class is stumped!

      1. Thanks for responding to that, Vicky!
        Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Dear Jennifer

    I have been searching for cvc activities for my girl. After hours of search I came up to your wonderful site. Thank you so much for such detailed work. Cant express HOW haooy I am.,

    Keep up the good work.

      1. Hi Saziya,
        We’re so happy to have you here!
        We are thrilled you are enjoying the materials!!
        Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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