Fraction Activity Super Pack

Make learning fractions fun for kids and easy prep for grown ups! The Fraction Activity Pack is filled with motivating and effective activities that teach key vocabulary like numerator and denominator, parts versus whole, thirds, fourths… Once kids are ready, they put it all together and read and write fractions on their own.

There are so many important steps to really understanding fractions. The Fraction Activity Pack makes learning each piece exciting. The pack is great to use as math centers, whole class activities or homeschool practice.

Grab your Fraction Activity Super Pack for $4.99 in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Tons of awesome fraction activities and fraction games for kids. Fun ways to learn about denominators, numerators and whole fractions.

What’s a Fraction?

To help kids learn that fractions are equal parts of a whole object or set of objects, the activity pack includes a colorful anchor chart breaking it down.

Awesome fraction anchor chart!

Then kids work on several no prep pages that ask them to identify whether pieces are equal (and therefore fractions) or unequal (and not fractions).

For example, students are challenged to find different ways to cover a hexagon with pattern blocks, draw their solutions, and mark whether the parts are equal or not.

Awesome STEM activity for kids! How many different ways can you cover a hexagon with pattern blocks

Identifying Numerators and Denominators

When they’re ready, kids move on to identifying numerators (the number of fraction pieces in their part) and denominators (the total number of pieces). They roll and color fraction number lines,

Color a fraction number line! Hands-on way to learn about numerators in fractions.

Clip denominators,

I love this hands-on fraction activity! Denominator clip cards. Great way to learn about the parts of fractions.

… And more.

Reading and Writing Fractions

With a solid foundation in place, children begin reading and writing complete fractions. They play Fraction Bingo,Such a fun fraction activity for kids! Play Fraction Bingo!!

and sort fractions into more, less and equal to one-half.

What a great way to compare fractions! Hands-on fraction sort for kids.

Children solve fraction puzzles using equivalent names for the same fraction.

Fracton Puzzles! Such a great way to learn about equivalent fraction names.

They play Chocolate War. (Who has the bar with more chocolate?)

Fun fraction game for kids! Play Chocolate War. The player with the biggest chocolate fraction wins!

Kids roll and color fractions,

Roll and Color Fractions! What a fun way to work on numerators and denominators!

and play I Have, Who Has. (“I have two-fifths, who has one-fourth?”)

I Have, Who Has - Fraction Activity

Grab Your Pack

Ready to play?! Grab your Fraction Activity Pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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