If you need an easy way to reward good behavior, brag tags are a MUST! Just print them on colored paper to make them pop, cut apart the pieces and you’re ready to start handing them out to deserving students.

Positive praise is the best way to motivate, isn’t it?!

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Getting Ready

To prep the cards, I simply printed them on colored paper to give them a fun pop and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

I punched a hole in the corner of each one (more on that in a sec!) and in just a couple of minutes they were all set.

Brag Tag Options

The set includes 30 brag tags including 4 EDITABLE ones:

-> Caring Friend

-> Team Player

-> Critical Thinker

-> Hard Worker

-> Helpful Leader

-> Great Citizen

-> Incredible Listener

-> Rockstar Reader

-> Math Whiz

-> Awesome Author

-> Inquiring Scientist

-> Substitute Helper

-> Friendly Sharer

-> Super Hand Raiser

-> Quiet Walker

-> Patient Waiter

-> Encouraging Classmate

-> Creative Artist

-> Energetic Athlete

-> Cleaning Superhero

-> Kind Friend

-> Word Detective

-> Handwriting Ninja

-> Sight Word Champ

-> Recess Rule Follower

-> Super Citizen


I decided to make mine say super cool artist, superstar scientist, rockstar reader and super powered helper but, since they’re EDITABLE, you can make them say anything under the sun!

Collecting Brag Tags

The best way I’ve found for children to collect their brag tags is to keep them hooked together on a binder ring.

The rings can easily attach to kids’ backpacks so they can bring them home to show their families or they can hang them on hooks in your classroom.

Either way, students will LOVE watching their collection grow each time they’re caught for good behavior!

Snag Your Set

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