Sight words like THE, FOR, and TO make up a *huge* percentage of the text kids read, so memorizing them is a great way to increase students’ reading fluency. And these print-and-go sight word games make it extra fun for kids to practice them! Since they’re editable, you can easily work on any words under the sun: digraph sight words, blends, CVC word families… the possibilities are endless! 

Grab your copy below and then hop over and snag our best selling 32 EDITABLE Sight Word Games for even more fun!

Treasure Hunt Sight Word Game

To customize the sight word games, I simply typed our 18 words on the getting started page and let the file automatically pop the words into the right spots on both games.

Then, I printed the Treasure Hunt game board and record sheets and grabbed our playing die.

The prep was as quick and easy as it comes!

My son rolled first. It was a four, so he moved his LEGO four spaces and read the word out loud, “for.”

We both wrote the word on our record sheet under the column “Player One.”

Then it was my turn to roll, read and write.

We continued playing until my son reached the finish line first and won the game. We happily slid our pieces back to start and began round two.

Egg Flip Sight Word Game

To prep the second game, I printed Egg Flip on cardstock and laminated the pages to give them extra durability.

I cut along the black lines to separate the eggs and spread them out face up on a flat surface.

I grabbed a spatula and invited the kids to come and play.

We assigned my oldest son as the caller and named my middle son (a kindergartener) the flipper.

The caller secretly picked a word and read it out loud. Then the flipper used the spatula to flip over that egg.

To give the boys practice writing the words, they had to spell them on their record sheet like this:

Play continued until all of the eggs had been flipped and then the boys switched roles and started again.

Snag Your Set

Click the blue “download” below to grab the freebie. Then hop over to snag our Editable Sight Word Games for endless sight word fun! They have more than 2,900 five-star ratings.

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  1. I was just wondering about Plato Academy. My son is going into grade 1 and is struggling with learning to read. Is this a program you would recommend for his age and is it something I could do along with him being in school, or is that too much? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Because every child is different, I’ll give you some background on Plato Academy to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your son. 🙂

      The program was designed for beginning readers who recognize the names and sounds of a few letters. Kids learn pre reading skills including breaking words into parts, rhyming, etc. and then move on to mastering all of the letter sounds. Once their letter sounds are solid, they begin putting those sounds together to make words and then start memorizing sight words – those common words kids will see over and over again like {the, and, as, of, etc.}

      I encourage parents to move through the program at a pace that’s comfortable for their children so you’d be able to complete the activities along with his schooling. You have lifetime access to all of the activities so you can always take a break during busy times of the year and start up again when the timing is right.

      I hope that helps you make your decision. Please let me know if I can help further.

      Talk to you soon,


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Anna! I’m a big fan of The Measured Mom so I’m excited that you like the sight words. 🙂

  2. I love your two games, thanks so much for posting them for free!

  3. Thank you for these two cute games. I know my kinder-bears will love using them and I will be so happy to have assessments to go with them.

  4. Thank you very much for your two free games. I know my class will love to play these.

  5. This is SO cute but I wish the font was different….that “a” is difficult for my students to read. If there is any way to get the file in a different font then please let me know!

  6. Hello dear I am trying to download the activities using the download button, but it’s not working…

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I’m sorry you weren’t able to grab the games! The link has been updated, and you’ll be able to download it now. Please let me know if you have any further issues!
      Sarah // Playdough to Plato Team

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