Nothing says “summer fun” quite like ice cream! These playful write and wipe counting cards are a motivating way to practice counting on from a given number and beginning addition.

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the write and wipe cards (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability. I cut along the lines to separate them and then laminated the cards to make them reusable.

Love these draw and wipe cards!

I grabbed a couple dry erase markers and invited Middle Brother (age 4.5) to join me. Easy peasy!

Write and Wipe Addition Cards

Middle Brother likes an element of surprise, so he mixed up the cards and then picked one randomly from the pile.

“Six,” he read from the bottom of the ice cream cup. “But there are only three candies,” he said with confusion.

I explained that he was going to practice adding on. Since he already had three candies, he could put that number in his head and count on.

Free write and wipe cards!

“Four… five… six,” he counted out loud as he drew the extra candies he needed to make the number match.

To help reinforce the addition problem he created, I followed up by reminding him that the three candies he had at first plus the three candies he drew, equaled six candies all together.

Already feeling like an addition champ, Middle Brother eagerly grabbed a new card and started solving it.

Fun write and wipe ice cream cards!

When he completed the entire stack of cards, we grabbed a baby wipe and cleaned them off so that Big Brother (age 6.5) could solve them later.

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