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  • Build and Compare Numbers


    Help kids develop a rock solid understanding of place value with this motivating pack of 14 build and compare sets.

    Students will love using their base ten blocks to build each pair of numbers so they can see which one is greater.

    And YOU’LL love that the activity is so easy to differentiate! Every set comes in 3 versions: practice 1 to 20, 1 to 50, or stretch kids who are ready by pulling out the 1 to 120 option.


    –> Apples
    –> Pumpkins
    –> Leaves
    –> Gumball machines
    –> Holiday lights
    –> Hearts
    –> Pots of Gold
    –> Easter eggs
    –> Flower pots
    –> Strawberries
    –> French fries
    –> Shells
    –> PB and J sandwiches
    –> Glue

    This math center is great to use as a math station, morning work or early finisher activity.

  • Building Block Letters and Numbers

    Looking for a hands-on way to practice letters and numbers?! Students will BEG to repeat these building block challenges.
    The print and play cards have kids build all 26 uppercase letters, their 26 lowercase pairs PLUS the numbers 0 to 20.
    Students will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re working on problem solving, geometry, math vocabulary… even beginning fractions!
    Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a batch of LEGOS or DUPLOS. 
    The set even includes record sheets and challenge worksheets for kids who are ready for a next step.

    –> 2 versions of uppercase letter cards (in color + black and white)
    –> 2 versions of lowercase letter cards (in color + black and white)
    –> 2 versions of 0-20 number cards (in color + black and white)
    –> Record sheets
    –> A bonus challenge asking kids to build a word out of LEGOS and count the number of bricks they used.
  • Building Block STEM Challenges


    Grab your LEGOS and get ready for some hands-on STEM! These five motivating STEM challenges are perfect for early finisher activities, STEM boxes, math centers or Makerspaces.

    ——————> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!



    –> 26 Building Challenges + record sheet

    –> 30 Weight Challenges + record sheet (INCLUDES “MASS” VERSION)

    –> 15 Length Challenges + record sheet

    –> 15 Problem Solving Extensions + record sheet

    –> 15 Pattern Challenges + record sheet

  • Chinese New Year Centers


    Ring in the Chinese New Year with 15 festive centers! The math and literacy activities are easy to differentiate for a variety of levels making the set perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

    Use the fact sheets to teach important details about the Chinese New Year and then work on sight words, phonics, addition, number sequencing, patterns, story writing and more.

    The Chinese New Year pack includes 15 motivating math and literacy centers kids will love.




    –> Chinese New Year KWL Chart

    –> 2 Versions of Chinese New Year Fact Sheets

    –> Alphabet Clip Cards

    –> EDITABLE I Spy Sight Word Game

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Color by Code

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Board Game

    –> 3 NO PREP Story Starters


    –> Color by Ten Frame

    –> What’s Next? Number Sequencing Game

    –> Four in a Row Addition Game

    –> Addition Puzzles

    –> Good Fortune Patterns

  • Christmas Activities


    These 23 Christmas activities will make even the Grinch smile! The festive math and literacy centers include alphabet games, counting activities, pattern and shape practice… so much learning in one download.

    The set is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten!




    –> Rhyming Clip Cards. Clip the word that rhymes!

    –> Alphabet Christmas Lights. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Letter Sound Puzzles. Solve playful puzzles by matching letters to words that start with them.

    –> Alphabet Clip Strips. An awesome way to practice upper and lowercase pairs.

    –> ABC Trees. Roll the alphabet die and color the matching ornament. So fun for letter recognition!

    –> Christmas Themed Handwriting Activity Sheets (in Print and D’Nealian). Strengthen letter formation and fine motor skills.

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Maze. Race to Santa’s workshop and read sight words along the way.

    –> Christmas Bingo (Class Set). Play a fun round of Bingo as you practice reading Christmas themed words.

    –> North Pole Little Reader Book. Practice pointing underneath each word, using picture clues and more.

    –> 5 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


    –> Christmas Counting Clip Cards. A fun counting, number recognition and fine motor activity in one.

    –> Counting Mats. Reinforce counting from 1 to 10 and ten frames.

    –> 1-20 Ten Frame Dab. Read the number and then fill your ten frame with that many dots.

    –> Color by Ten Frame. Work on instantly recognizing the numbers 1 to 20.

    –> Spin to 20 Game. Race to reach 20 as you practice adding on.

    –> This or That. Compare two numbers and color the one that’s largest.

    –> Roll to 30 Sheet. Practice number recognition and adding on as you race to 30.

    –> Making 10 Challenge Cards and Review Sheet. How many more do you need to make 10?

    –> Cut and Paste. Solve AB, ABB and ABC patterns.

    –> Candy Cane Patterns. How many different patterns can you create?

    –> Reindeer Spin and Graph Shapes. Flick the spinner, name the shape and graph it. What shape reaches the top first?

    –> Christmas Tree Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mat. Race to cover the pattern block mat and practice number recognition and adding along the way.


    NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

  • Christmas STEM Challenges


    Step up your centers this holiday season with five motivating Christmas STEM challenges!



    –> Geoboard Challenges

    –>  LEGO Building Challenges

    –> 2D Gumdrop Toothpick Shapes

    –> Candy Cane Science Experiment

    –> Roll, Add and Cover Game


    The motivating batch of STEM challenges are perfect to use with small groups or as centers.

    It’s the perfect compliment to our 23 Christmas Activities!

  • Classroom Library Labels & Stickers


    Take your classroom library to the next level with this bright and colorful batch of labels and coordinating book stickers. They make it so easy for students to return books to their just right spot without any help from you!

    The set includes 146 different options so you can easily organize your books by months, holidays, themes or reading level.

    There’s even a blank set of labels and stickers so you can make new ones for anything under the sun!

    NOTE: The cards are 4.25 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall. To make them smaller, just print them at a smaller percentage. For instance, you could print them at 75% to make them 3.18 inches x 4.125 inches. The formatting will stay the same but the scale will shrink.

  • Comparing Numbers


    Working on comparing numbers?! This mega pack of motivating, hands-on activities is a must-try. All eight games include easy ways to differentiate so you can quickly stretch students who are ready for a challenge or provide support for kids who need extra practice.

    The eight comparing numbers games are perfect for preschool or kindergarten!



    –> Alligator Crunch. Help your alligator eat the cookie with the most chocolate chips.

    –> Block Towers. Use unifix cubes or LEGOS to build and compare number towers.

    –> Ten Frame Clip Cards. Compare the ten frames and clip the correct comparison symbol in the middle.

    –> Roll and Compare. Roll the dice and write the corresponding comparison.

    –> Number Munch. Complete the number sentence with the correct symbol.

    –> Compare Bears. Compare two sets of counting bears to find the biggest number.

    –> Button Jars. Count the buttons in each jar and clip the one holding the most.

    –> Candy Shop. Flip two gumballs and make a number sentence.

  • Compound Word Centers


    Make it fun to learn how to read and write compound words with these 14 motivating centers!

    The mega pack of compound word centers includes 14 print-and-play activities focusing on dozens of common compound words including butterfly, football and pancake.



    –> 3 motivating board games

    –> 2 active I spy games

    –> 2 pocket chart hide and seek games

    –> Batch of no prep roll and write sheets

    –> 2 playful flip and write games

    –> Sound it out mats

    –> Roll and graph game

    –> 2 sets of puzzles

    –> BONUS: compound word poster

  • Contraction Centers


    Snag 6 contraction centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to make popular contractions including can’t, she’ll, don’t, doesn’t, haven’t and dozens more. The options are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons!



    –> 5 Flap-Books (one each had, have, is, not and will)

    –> Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Game

    –> 24 Contraction Puzzles

    –> Flip & Write Game

    –> 18 Clip Cards

    –> Unicorn Race Board Game

  • December Centers


    Planning your December math and literacy centers? Just hit print!

    These 20 print-and-play stations practice sight words, shapes, math facts, telling time and so much more.

    They are perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    –> Rhyming Sort

    –> Beginning Sound Cards

    –> Ending Sound Cards

    –> CVC Word Sort

    –> Word Family Clip Strips

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Board Game

    –> EDITABLE Flip & Write Sight Word Game

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Graph

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Spin & Write Game

    –> EDITABLE Spin & Cover Sight Word Game

    –> 3 Story Starters + Word Cards


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, telling time, addition and subtraction.

    –> 2 Sets of Mystery Number Challenges (Counting by 1s AND Skip Counting by 2, 5 and 10)

    –> 2 Sets of Math Fact Puzzles (Adding within 12, EDITABLE Puzzles)

    –> EDITABLE Spin a Math Fact Sheet

    –> EDITABLE Color by Math Fact

    –> Number Bond Write & Wipe Cards

    –> 3 Sets of Telling Time Puzzles (Telling time to the nearest hour, half hour and quarter hour)

    –> 2D Shape Match Up Game

    –> 2 Versions of Spin & Cover Game (2D and 3D Shapes)

    –> 2 Versions of Roll & Cover Sheets (Numbers 1-6 and Adding 2-12)



  • Decodable Passages (Giant Bundle!)


    Grab 122 decodable passages in one easy download so you can give every student the exact phonics practice they need.

    This giant bundle of decodable passages practices short vowels, digraphs, floss rule, beginning and ending blends, CVCe long vowel words, vowel teams, diphthongs, r-influenced vowels, word endings, and trigraphs. They are perfect for any pre-k, kindergarten, first or second grade classroom!

    Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!

  • Decodable Readers (Huge Bundle!)


    This collection of 122 decodable readers helps you give every student the exact phonics practice they need with one easy download. This huge bundle of decodable passages practices short vowels, digraphs, floss rule, beginning and ending blends, CVCe long vowel words, vowel teams, diphthongs, r-influenced vowels, word endings, and trigraphs. They are perfect for any pre-k, kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom!

    Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple, and you’ll quickly have an engaging decodable reader!

  • Digraph Decodable Passages


    These 11 digraph decodable passages are perfect for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!


    • 1 each beginning and ending CH digraph
    • 1 each beginning and ending SH digraph
    • 1 each beginning and ending TH digraph
    • 2 CK digraph
    • 1 WH digraph
    • 2 digraph combination passages
  • Digraph Decodable Readers


    These 11 digraph decodable readers are the perfect resource for your small reading groups, phonics practice, whole class lessons, or take home books. To add an element of fun for your students, they get to illustrate the book! Drawing the pictures to match the meaning of each page will help to build their reading comprehension. Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple! You’ll quickly have an engaging digraph decodable reader to target your students’ specific needs.

  • Diphthong Centers


    Get ready for some serious fun! These 20 engaging print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 8 most common diphthongs:

    -AU, -AW, -EW, -OI, -OO, -OU, -OW, -OY

    –> 8 playful game boards
    –> 4 hands-on word sorts
    –> 2 flip and write games
    –> 36 clip cards
    –> 54 puzzles
    –> 3 print-and-play dice games
    That’s 20 print-and-play diphthong centers in all!