Fluency Trees


Building students’ reading fluency takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

But this pack of fluency trees makes it so easy to take children’s reading to the next level by giving kids practice reading the top 100 Dolch and Fry sight words in growing sentences.

Print the cards on neon paper to add a fun pop of color and clip them with binder rings to make easy to manage sets.

As a motivating bonus, the set also includes two spinners that challenge kids to read the fluency trees in different voices and emotions. They’re such a simple way to make fluency practice more exciting!


“I’ve used these a couple different ways and so far have been very pleased. I’ve had them available in centers where students work through the cards independently, I’ve used them in small groups, and have had volunteers work with students using these cards. Love them!” – DeWitt’s Doodlebugs

“This is so great. Parents are always asking me how they can help their lower readers and I think this will be great for them and for small groups. Thank you.” – Janielle K.

“I LOVE these! Why have I never thought of this!? Love the way they build and the various ways it is possible to use these. These fluency trees are a favourite part of reading tumbles. Thank you.” – Sharon J.

“Loving this! It is helping my kids understand reading fluency as well as increasing it!” – Amanda D.

“These are great…and I love the spin to read option. Can’t wait to prep and use during guided reading groups. Thank you.” – April Proctor