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  • Alphabet Posters


    These bright and colorful alphabet posters are the perfect addition to your classroom or homeschool!

    They’re a helpful tool for Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students who are learning beginning sounds because they can easily match the upper and lowercase alphabet letter to a familiar word that starts with it.

    You can even print multiple sheets on a page to make flashcards students can take home for review.

    Get ready to add a fun pop of color to your walls!



    –> 26 alphabet posters featuring uppercase and lowercase letters and an image to go along with the letter

  • Animal Activity Pack


    Teaching an animal unit?! The Animal Activity Pack is a must. The motivating activities teach kids about 6 animal habitats (coniferous forest, desert, ocean, polar ice, rain forest and swamp); animal adaptations (camouflage and migration); and food chains.

    The real world photos bring the animals alive for young scientists!



    –> 2 Habitat Flap Books

    –> 18 Habitat Clip Cards

    –> All About Migration Activity Sheet and Animal Photos

    –> All About Camouflage Activity Sheet and Animal Photos

    –> Sneaky Camouflage Activity

    –> Food Chain Puzzles

    –> All About Food Chains Activity

    –> Animal Reports


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  • Apple Activities


    The apple activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    One of my favorite activities in the bunch is a powerful anti-bullying activity that shows how harmful teasing, taunting and excluding can be.


    The mega pack also includes literacy centers that make it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

    –> Alphabet Apples. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Letter Sound Puzzles. Find the letter that starts each word.

    –> Rhyming Clip Cards. Find the matching words.

    –> Match Up. Sound out 16 pairs of CVC words.

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the apple stand as you read and write sight words along the way.

    –> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Read the words to find out what’s hiding underneath. Then write the words in the right spot on your sheet!

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Puzzles. Find the pairs of words and then spell them on your sheet.

    –> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including counting, number writing, patterns, shapes and graphing.

    –> 1-20 Ten Frame Dab. Read the number and then fill your ten frame with that many dots.

    –> Color by Ten Frame. Pick a ten frame and color the number that matches!

    –> Base 10 Puzzles. Practice counting and building numbers 1-100 with base ten blocks.

    –> Apple Patterns. Create AB, ABB, ABCD, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns.

    –> Shape Graphs. Spin a 2D shape, name it and then graph it. What shape reaches the top first?

    –> Roll and Add 1-10. Roll a dice, write the number and solve the addition problem. It’s a motivating way to practice adding +1 to +10.


  • Apple STEM Challenges


    These apple STEM challenges are a must-try! Grab a bag of apples and dive into science, measurement, buoyancy, life cycles, 2D shapes and numbers.

    The set is perfect to use in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks.

    —————> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!



    –> Apple Investigation Sheets (There are two versions: one using US measurement and one for metric.)

    –> Apple Boat Races

    –> Apple Life Cycle Poster

    –> Apple Life Cycle Craftivity

    –> Apple Life Cycle Cut and Paste Sequencing Activity

    –> What’s Next? (You can practice any combination of numbers from 1 to 120.)

    –> 2D Shape Concentration Game (Pick from 10 different 2D shapes.)

  • April Centers


    These 18 April centers will save you planning time and keep you inspired all month long! The mega pack includes motivating ways to practice sight words, phonics, writing, shapes, telling time… even addition and subtraction!

    It’s perfect for kindergarten and first grade. Just hit print!




    –> 5 versions of Roll It, Read It, Write It: CVC words, Digraphs, Magic E, Vowel Teams, Diphthongs

    –> 2 versions of Sound It Out Mats: CVC words and CVCe words

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Board Game

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word I Have, Who Has

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Pocket Chart Game

    –> EDITABLE Write the Room

    –> 3 Story Starters + Word Cards


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including place value, telling time, 2D and 3D Shapes, addition and subtraction.

    –> 2 Addition Board Games (Adding to 12 and Adding to 20)

    –> Making 10 Write and Wipe Cards

    –> 2 Subtraction Board Games (Subtracting within 10 and Subtracting within 20)

    –> Subtracting from 10 Write and Wipe Cards

    –> 3 Sets of Telling Time Puzzles (Telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour)

    –> 2 Versions of Shape Graphs(2D Shapes & 3D Shapes)

    –> 2 Versions of Color by Shapes (2D Shapes & 3D Shapes)

    –> 2 Versions of Mystery Number Task Cards (Counting by ones to 100 and skip counting by 2, 5 or 10)



  • August Centers


    August math and literacy centers just got a whole lot easier to plan! These 19 print-and-play stations practice letter sounds, word families, sight words, shapes, graphing and so much more.

    They are perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    –> Rhyming Puzzles

    –> Uppercase ABC Pencil Match Up

    –> Uppercase-Lowercase ABC Pencil Match Up

    –> Beginning Sound Clip Strips

    –> EDITABLE Lunch Rush Sight Word Game Board

    –> EDITABLE Hide & Seek Sight Word Pocket Chart Game

    –> EDITABLE Flip & Write Sight Word Game

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Graph

    –> CVC Word Family Puzzles

    –> 3 Story Starters + Word Cards


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, graphing, addition and subtraction.

    –> 2 Roll & Cover Pattern Block Mats

    –> 2 Roll, ADD, Cover Pattern Block Mats

    –> Roll & Color Number Game

    –> Roll & Add Addition Game

    –> Roll & Subtract Subtraction Game

    –> Shape Graph Game

    –> 4 Graphs of the Week

    –> EDITABLE Word Graph

    –> 2D Shape Clip Cards (2 versions: read the word + read the shape)



  • Back to School Activities


    These back to school activities will keep kids engaged and learning all month long! The mega pack includes 15 math and literacy centers.

    The back to school set is perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

    Scroll down to take a peek at all of the exciting fun ahead!




    –> Rhyming Clip Cards. Clip the word that rhymes!

    –> Match Up. Sound out 16 pairs of CVC words.

    –> Alphabet Glue. Motivate students to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Letter Sound Puzzles. Solve playful puzzles by matching letters to words that start with them.

    –> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Playfully practice sight words, alphabet letters, classmate names… anything under the sun!

    –> EDITABLE Back to School Sight Word Race. Race to the school as you read and write sight words, word families, classmates’ names… you pick!

    –> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


    –> Counting Clip Cards. Reinforce the numbers 1 to 20 by practicing counting on and number recognition.

    –> Spin to 20. Work on counting, number recognition and ten frames at the same time!

    –> Color by Ten Frame. Motivate kids to build number recognition from 1-20!

    –> Making 10 Challenge Cards and Review Sheet. How many more do you need to make 10?

    –> 2 Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mats. Race to cover the pattern block mat and practice number recognition OR addition along the way.

    –> Subtracting from 10. Roll the dice, subtract the number that lands on top and write the problem you created.

    –> Subtraction Color Up. Race against your partner to solve the most subtraction problems.

    –> Spinning Shapes. Work on 2D shapes and graphing with a playful spinning game!

  • Back to School Bingo


    This bright and colorful Back to School Bingo pack includes a class set of 30 Bingo boards and matching calling cards. Just grab some cover up tokens, cut apart the calling cards, and you’re ready to play.

    The set is great to use as a whole class activity or small group game. It’s serious low -prep fun.

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  • Back to School STEM Challenges


    Looking for back to school STEM challenges your students will beg to repeat over and over again? You’re in the right spot!

    Solve a batch of weight/mass task cards, complete a jaw dropping science experiment with pencils, use LEGO bricks to create a set of building challenges and more!

    These five back to school STEM challenges include a variety of record sheets so you can easily adapt the activities for pre-k through second grade.

    The set is perfect to use as science experiments, in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks.

    ————> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!



    –> 15 weight/mass challenge cards

    –> 15 length challenge cards

    –> 15 building block challenge cards

    –>How Many Long? (A hands-on measuring activity)

    –> Pencil Through a Bag science experiment


    All five STEM challenges include record sheets to help kids keep track of their answers AND easy to follow instructions making it easy for you to lead the activity.

  • Bat Animal Study


    Learning about bats?  This bat animal study is a must!

    The easy-to-follow directions and printable record sheets make the activities and posters perfect to use as science centers or whole class lessons in kindergarten or 1st grade.



    –> Bat Facts Teacher Guide

    –> 5 Colorful Posters (bat body parts, bat skeleton, things bats eat, where megabats live, where microbats live)

    –> K-W-L Bat Chart

    –> Bats Eat-Have-Need-Can Sheet

    –> All About Fact Sheet

    –> Bat Flap Book

    –> Nocturnal or Diurnal Animal Sort

    –> Nocturnal or Diurnal Animal Record Sheet

    –> Types of Bats Memory Game

    –> Whole Class Bat Graph

  • Beginning Blend Centers

    These 10 beginning blend centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade literacy centers, word work stations, or homeschool activities.
    Focus on one type of blend with newer readers (for instance, L blends) or review several different blends at the same time for kiddos who are ready for a challenge.
    The playful activity pack practices 19 of the most common blends:
    BL-, BR-,CL-, CR-, DR-, FL-, FR-, GL-, GR-, PL-, PR-, SC-, SK-, SL-, SM-, SN-, SP-, ST-, SW- and TR-.

    –> 19 Foldable Blend Books (one for each blend)
    –> 20 Match Up Puzzles
    –> 54 Write and Wipe Cards
    –> 3 Roll and Write Games
    –> Flip and Write
    –> 20 Clip Cards
    –> Spin and Color No-Prep Sheets
    –> Color by Blend No-Prep Sheets
    –> What’s Right? No-Prep Sheets
  • Beginning Blends Decodable Passages

    Grab these 18 beginning blends decodable passages to use for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!
  • Beginning Blends Decodable Readers


    These 18 beginning blends decodable readers are just the resource you need for small reading groups, phonics practice, whole class lessons, or take home books. To add an element of fun for your students, they get to illustrate the book! Drawing the pictures to match the meaning of each page will help to build their reading comprehension. Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple! You’ll quickly have an engaging beginning blends decodable reader to target your students’ specific needs.

  • Beginning Digraph Centers


    These 11 motivating digraph centers and posters make it fun to practice the most popular beginning digraphs in words: CH, KN, NG, PH, QU, SH, TH, WH, and WR.

    Make flap books, solve puzzles, race around game boards, color by digraph and so much more.



    –> 8 posters (one for each digraph)

    –> Hide & seek pocket chart game

    –> Flip & write center

    –> Roll & write game

    –> Outer space sort

    –> 36 clip cards

    –> 3 flap books

    –> Digraph Bingo (class set!)

    –> Puzzle pairs

    –> Color by Digraph practice sheets

    –> Di-Graph practice sheets

    –> What’s Right? practice sheets


    (You can grab ENDING digraph centers HERE.)

  • Beginning Sound Activity Pack


    As children learn how to read, the part of words they are able to isolate and spell first are beginning sounds. It is as though their brain works so hard to pull apart that first sound that the rest of the letters just melt away.

    These eleven beginning sound games are the perfect combination of fun and effective for kids! Children will be ready to move on to ending sounds in no time.

    Check out all of the motivating details below.



    –> Clip cards

    –> Alphabet match up puzzles

    –> 5 game boards

    –> Color by sound no prep sheets

    –> Sound sort

    –> Mystery beginning sound no prep sheets

    –> Beginning sound cover up mats (in color and black and white)


    NOTE: All of our activities are instant downloads.

  • Bug and Butterfly Centers


    If you’re looking for motivating bug and butterfly activities for Pre-K or kindergarten, this set is for you!

    The bug and butterfly set includes plenty of variety so that you can easily differentiate for different learners. Work on alphabet letters, word families, sight words, counting, adding, life cycles and so much more!



    –> Rainbow butterflies practicing upper and lowercase pairs

    –> Alphabet puzzles working on letter sounds

    –> 2 EDITABLE sight word games

    –> Rhyming clip cards

    –> Word family clip cards and writing activity

    –> 0-20 counting clip cards

    –> Ten frame coloring sheets

    –> Roll and cover pattern block mats practicing counting and adding

    –> Ladybug addition sheets

    –> Butterfly life cycle hats

    –> Butterfly life cycle posters

    –> Ladybug life cycle wheels

    –> Ladybug life cycle posters

    –> 4 story starters