Ending Digraph Centers


These 11 motivating digraph centers and posters focus on ENDING digraphs – an important next step for students after they have learned to recognize and spell BEGINNING digraphs.

The centers make it fun to practice -CH, -CK, -NG, -SH, and -TH.

Play I Spy, solve puzzles, race around game boards, sort digraph gumballs, and so much more.



–> 5 posters (one for each ending digraph)
–> Hide & seek pocket chart game
–> Snowball tic-tac-toe
–> Roll & write game
–> Roll it, read it, write it game
–> Gumball sort
–> Digraph puzzles
–> Digraph concentration game
–> Di-Graph practice sheets
–> Phonics 4 in a row game