STEM Challenge: Weight Measurement


This kid-approved STEM challenge is the perfect addition to your weight measurement unit or STEM center!

The 60 hands-on task cards and corresponding record sheets give kids practice measuring and comparing weight using a simple balance.

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In the first 45 cards, children compare two piles of objects to determine which set weighs more and which weighs less.

When they’re ready for a challenge, students then move on to the 15 extension cards that invite them to find objects in the room that weigh more or less than a given set.

The STEM challenge pack is so motivating, hands-on and playful! Kids will ask to complete it over and over again.


“Thank you so much for putting together this resource. It was a perfect activity to organize for a quick game of scoot around the classroom measuring mass. The students used these cards to measure with out homemade scales using a coat hanger & apple sauce containers.” Je me demande

“I use these in a STEAM-themed room with my 3’s and 4’s each year. The kids love “testing” the objects on the scale. These have been a real hit with the kids and allow me to encourage great language development.” – Jennifer W.

“I used this resource on my placement with a kindergarten class and they loved loved loved it. It had all the students engaged and was a fantastic hands on activity for maths rotations.” – Lisa A.

“My first graders love these task cards! They are easy for them to understand and work independently/with a partner. I like that there are multiple versions, so they can repeat the center without getting bored. Recording sheets are great!” – Kathleen B.

“My students loved this resource. They loved having the opportunity to explore yet have guidelines to where they needed to begin. With these STEM challenges my students were able to then explore weight with different objects. These helped get them interested in using the scale independently!” – Grace Filled Learning

“I love these cards! I work with students who are in an 8:1:1 classroom in grades 3-6 and function at prekindergarten to early 1st-grade level. I like how easy the cards are for my students to identify the number of objects that are needed and the pictures that went with them were great… Great resource!” – Helen O.