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  • Beginning Digraph Centers


    These 11 motivating digraph centers and posters make it fun to practice the most popular beginning digraphs in words: CH, KN, NG, PH, QU, SH, TH, WH, and WR.

    Make flap books, solve puzzles, race around game boards, color by digraph and so much more.



    –> 8 posters (one for each digraph)

    –> Hide & seek pocket chart game

    –> Flip & write center

    –> Roll & write game

    –> Outer space sort

    –> 36 clip cards

    –> 3 flap books

    –> Digraph Bingo (class set!)

    –> Puzzle pairs

    –> Color by Digraph practice sheets

    –> Di-Graph practice sheets

    –> What’s Right? practice sheets


    (You can grab ENDING digraph centers HERE.)

  • EDITABLE Name Games


    The first words many children learn to read and write are their names. These 10 playful name games make learning them fun for kids and easy prep for grown ups.

    Because all of the pages are editable, the activities work with any name under the sun. Type it once and the name automatically loads into every page. It’s a huge time saver!

    The editable name games include ten motivating activities.  Check out all of the fun details below.



    –> Dot the letters in your name sheets

    –> Name puzzles

    –> Colorful letter art collages and class book

    –> In my name/not in my name sorting mat

    –> Magnetic letter spelling mat

    –> Play dough spelling mat

    –> Name writing practice sheets

    –> Name book

    –> Glue tracing page

    –> Symmetrical name craftivity


    NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

  • 18 Fine Motor Centers


    Need some motivating, easy prep fine motor centers for your Pre-K or Kindergarten? I’ve got you covered!

    These hands-on activities strengthen hand-eye coordination, hand muscles and fine motor skills kids need for writing later.  The 18 motivating activities are great to use as literacy centers, morning work or home school lessons.

    Check out all the fun details below!



    –> Monster Googly Eye Gluing

    –> Q-tip Ten Frame Painting

    –> Cupcake Counting Cards

    –> Gumball Jar Game

    –> The Flip and Draw Game

    –> Paperclip Chaining

    –> The Great Hole Punch Race

    –> Lacing Cards

    –> Scissor Cutting Practice Pages

    –> Rainbow Tracing Sheets

    –> Frog Hop Stamping

    –> Salt Tracing

    –> Clip Cards

    –> Rolling Goldfish Game

    –> Puzzles

    –> LEGO Pattern Cards


    Bundle with our Pre-K Math Centers and Alphabet Packs and save!

  • Sound Mapping

    Sound mapping is a fantastic way to build students’ phonemic awareness! And these sound mapping mats make it FUN for kids to practice.
    Slide Matchbox cars onto stop signs, place jellybean noses on bunnies, squish playdough “slime”…
    This sound mapping pack includes 27 different sets. And every single one of them come in three versions so you can easily practice 3, 4 OR 5 phoneme words. Just hit print!
  • Inflectional Ending Centers


    Grab 12 inflectional ending centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to practice adding -ED, -ES, -ING and -S to words and includes tons of motivating options that are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons…

    There’s even an irregular verb activity so you can introduce “rule breakers” too!



    –> 4 Foldable Mini-Books (one each for -ED, -ES, -ING and -S)

    –> 4 Verb Cover Ups (present tense -ING, present tense -S and -ES, past tense -ED and past tense irregular verbs)

    –> Hide and Seek

    –> Past Tense Puzzles

    –> Word Family Puzzles

    –> Smarty Pants

    –> Roll, Read & Write

    –> Rill and Write

    –> Pig Pen

    –> Outer Space Sort

    –> Spin a Word Ending

  • Compound Word Centers


    Make it fun to learn how to read and write compound words with these 14 motivating centers!

    The mega pack of compound word centers includes 14 print-and-play activities focusing on dozens of common compound words including butterfly, football and pancake.



    –> 3 motivating board games

    –> 2 active I spy games

    –> 2 pocket chart hide and seek games

    –> Batch of no prep roll and write sheets

    –> 2 playful flip and write games

    –> Sound it out mats

    –> Roll and graph game

    –> 2 sets of puzzles

    –> BONUS: compound word poster

  • Diphthong Centers


    Get ready for some serious fun! These 20 engaging print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 8 most common diphthongs:

    -AU, -AW, -EW, -OI, -OO, -OU, -OW, -OY

    –> 8 playful game boards
    –> 4 hands-on word sorts
    –> 2 flip and write games
    –> 36 clip cards
    –> 54 puzzles
    –> 3 print-and-play dice games
    That’s 20 print-and-play diphthong centers in all!
  • Ending Blend Centers


    These 8 ending blend centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade literacy centers, word work stations, or homeschool activities.

    Just like the beginning blend centers, you can focus on one type of blend with newer readers (for instance, L blends) or review several different blends at the same time for kiddos who are ready for a challenge.

    The playful centers practice 9 of the most common ending blends:

    -CT, -FT, -LD, -LF, -LK, -LP, -MP, -NK, and -PT.



    –> Phonics Cover Up

    –> Word Trash

    –> Rocket Words

    –> Blend Puzzles

    –> Roll, Read and Write Game

    –> Spin and Write Game

    –> Phonics Puzzles

    –> Blend Color Up

  • Ending Digraph Centers


    These 11 motivating digraph centers and posters focus on ENDING digraphs – an important next step for students after they have learned to recognize and spell BEGINNING digraphs.

    The centers make it fun to practice -CH, -CK, -NG, -SH, and -TH.

    Play I Spy, solve puzzles, race around game boards, sort digraph gumballs, and so much more.



    –> 5 posters (one for each ending digraph)
    –> Hide & seek pocket chart game
    –> Snowball tic-tac-toe
    –> Roll & write game
    –> Roll it, read it, write it game
    –> Gumball sort
    –> Digraph puzzles
    –> Digraph concentration game
    –> Di-Graph practice sheets
    –> Phonics 4 in a row game

  • Sight Words Lists by Phonics Skill


    These sight word lists for Dolch pre-primer, primer, 1st and 2nd grade PLUS the first 200 Fry sight words are a HUGE game changer! Why? When you organize your sight word lists by phonics skill, students learn the words faster…

    Old school lists like Dolch and Fry were sorted by the frequency words appear in text. For instance, THE is written most often so it’s the first words students practice. The philosophy isn’t terrible – if a child is going to read THE more than any other word, it makes sense that learning it first would come in handy.

    The problem is that THE is often taught right alongside other words that follow completely different rules: OF, AND, A… And that means kids have to wrap their brain around:

    – the short A sound in AND,
    – the long A sound in A,
    – the F that makes a V sound in OF,
    – and (as if that wasn’t enough!) the two letters T & H that make just one sound in THE.

    It’s no wonder that so many students struggle with sight word lists!

    But there is a *much* easier way! Instead of sorting sight words by frequency, we can sort them by phonics skill. Then students can master one spelling rule at a time!

    These print-and-go sheets make it so easy for you to do just that! They include the Dolch sight words through second grade and the first 200 Fry sight words.

  • Contraction Centers


    Snag 6 contraction centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to make popular contractions including can’t, she’ll, don’t, doesn’t, haven’t and dozens more. The options are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons!



    –> 5 Flap-Books (one each had, have, is, not and will)

    –> Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Game

    –> 24 Contraction Puzzles

    –> Flip & Write Game

    –> 18 Clip Cards

    –> Unicorn Race Board Game

  • Reading Comprehension Activities


    Grab 28 reading comprehension activities in one spot! The printables can be used with any book so they’re perfect to use all year long – just hit “print” and you’re ready to go.

    The activities are tailor-made for kindergarten, first grade or second grade small group instruction, centers or whole class lessons.


  • Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Games – EDITABLE


    Get ready for some exciting and fun sight word practice! These 11 playful hide and seek pocket chart games are EDITABLE so you can practice any words under the sun: sight words, word families, themed words… the sky’s the limit.

    The games are great to play with the entire class, in small groups or even one-on-one.




    –> Hamburger Hide & Seek

    –> Dinosaur Hide & Seek

    –> Gumball Hide & Seek

    –> Cookie Hide & Seek

    –> Frog Hide & Seek

    –> Laundry Hide & Seek

    –> Penguin Hide & Seek

    –> Fish Hide & Seek

    –> Truck Hide & Seek

    –> Rainy Day Hide & Seek

    –> Monster Hide & Seek


    That’s 11 EDITABLE hide and seek pocket chart games in all!

  • R-Controlled Vowel Centers


    These 10 playful R-controlled vowel centers make it fun to practice 5 different spelling patterns in words: AR, ER, IR, OR and UR.

    Play a round of Ropin’ Rodeo, match up R-controlled vowel puzzles, sort popcorn word families…. kids will love playing all 10 centers!



    –> Smarty Pants flip and write game

    –> Ropin’ Rodeo game board

    –> Treasure Hide and Seek pocket chart game

    –> Space I Spy write around the room

    –> Superhero Sprint dice game

    –> Puzzle Pairs match up

    –> Popcorn Words read and sort activity

    –> Word Family Puzzles

    –> Clip Cards

    –> And What’s Right read and color sheets


    That’s 10 engaging R-controlled vowel centers in all!

  • Short U Centers


    Short U centers just got a whole lot more fun! This playful set of 11 print-and-play activities keep kids engaged while they work on the 9 most common short U word families:

    -UB, -UD, -UG, -UM, -UN, -UP, -US, -UT, -UX



    –> 5 playful board games

    –> 4 spin, read and color sheets

    –> 5 sound it out mats

    –> 5 I Spy games

    –> Word family puzzles

    –> Clip cards

    –> Flip and write “Bubble Bash” game

    –> 2 no-prep color by word family sheets

  • Short O Centers


    Make it fun for students to practice reading and writing short O words with this motivating batch of 12 short O centers!

    The mega pack includes 12 print-and-play activities focusing on the 7 most common word families:

    -OB, -OD, -OG, -OM, -OP, -OT, -OX



    –> 5 playful board games

    –> 5 no-prep roll and write sheets

    –> Flip and write “Bubble Bash” game

    –> Sound it out mats

    –> Roll and graph game

    –> Flip and write “Flower Power” game

    –> Hide and seek pocket chart game

    –> 2 no-prep read and color sheets