Classroom Library Labels & Stickers


Take your classroom library to the next level with this bright and colorful batch of labels and coordinating book stickers. They make it so easy for students to return books to their just right spot without any help from you!

The set includes 146 different options so you can easily organize your books by months, holidays, themes or reading level.

There’s even a blank set of labels and stickers so you can make new ones for anything under the sun!

NOTE: The cards are 4.25 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall. To make them smaller, just print them at a smaller percentage. For instance, you could print them at 75% to make them 3.18 inches x 4.125 inches. The formatting will stay the same but the scale will shrink.



1. Leave the titles of the labels as they are written or change them by clicking on each box and typing in a new title.

2. Print, laminate and cut apart the labels.

3. Hot glue each card to the font of a box to label it.



The sticker sheets are formatted to use with the ChromaLabel 1-1/4 inch round labels for laser and inkjet printers.

1. Print one sticker sheet for each book category you have in your library. (You can choose from color OR black & white.)

2. Peel off and place one sticker in the corner of each book to make it easy for students to return books to the correct bin later.


“This has streamlined my book borrowing/returning process for students. It takes a bit of teaching, but they are capable of returning books to the proper bins and searching for the type of book they want to read. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.” – Sarah E.

“I love this product!! I have been trying for years to come up with a way to keep my classroom library organized and teach my students how to put the books back properly. This product made it so simple! They just have to match the sticker on the book with the same picture on the bin. I loved that there were stickers I could buy and print the labels on. There are so many categories to pick from and you can create your own if need be. I highly recommend this product!” – Micaela N.

“This resource is full of different ways to organize your classroom library!” – Rachael W.

“Bright and colorful! The matching stickers for the books make it so easy for students to put away books correctly.” – Paula R.

“I teach students with autism. I think this resources is AMAZING and so helpful to help them be independent with the class library.” – Emily D.