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  • Short I Centers


    Help students learn to read and write short I words with these 14 motivating centers!

    The mega pack of short I centers includes 14 print-and-play activities focusing on the 8 most common word families:

    -IB, -ID, -IG, -IM, -IN, -ING -IP, -IT



    –> 6 flip and color games

    –> 8 engaging board games

    –> 8 no prep roll and write sheets

    –> 8 hands-on playdough mats

    –> Hide and seek pocket chart game

    –> Ice cream sort

    That’s 14 addictively fun short I literacy centers in all!

  • Short E Centers


    Get ready for some serious fun! These 12 playful print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 6 most common short E word families:

    -EB, -ED, -EG, -EM, -EN, -ET



    –> 4 motivating game boards

    –> 4 sound it out playdough mats

    –> 4 I spy games

    –> 4 roll and graph centers

    –> 24 clip cards

    –> 2 no prep cut and sort sheets


    That’s 12 short E print-and-play centers in all!

  • Short A Centers


    Focusing on one vowel at a time helps many kids learn to differentiate those tricky middle sounds once and for all.

    This mega pack of Short A centers includes 13 playful print-and-play activities honing in on the 8 most common short A word families:

    -AB, -AD, -AG, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX

    Just print and play!



    –> 7 motivating game boards

    –> 7 no prep spin and color sheets

    –> 7 I spy games

    –> 8 roll and graph centers

    –> Word family puzzles

    –> Flip and write game

    –> Sound it out building cards

  • Fluency Trees


    Building students’ reading fluency takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

    But this pack of fluency trees makes it so easy to take children’s reading to the next level by giving kids practice reading the top 100 Dolch and Fry sight words in growing sentences.

    Print the cards on neon paper to add a fun pop of color and clip them with binder rings to make easy to manage sets.

    As a motivating bonus, the set also includes two spinners that challenge kids to read the fluency trees in different voices and emotions. They’re such a simple way to make fluency practice more exciting!

  • Playdough Mats


    These bright and colorful playdough mats give kids hands-on practice with fine motor skills, upper and lowercase letter formation, letter sounds, 2D shapes, counting and writing the numbers 1 to 10.

    It’s a mega pack of playdough activities in one easy download.

    Print and laminate the mats, grab a batch of playdough, and you’re all set!



    –> 26 uppercase ABC mats

    –> 26 lowercase ABC mats

    –> 8 two-dimensional shape mats for circle, triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon and oval

    –> 11 counting mats for 0-10


    Imagine the hands-on fun and learning in store!

  • Sound Boxes


    Sound boxes (also called “Elkonin boxes”) help kids build a strong foundation of pre-reading skills by teaching them how to identify and replace phonemes in words.

    This mega pack includes 114 sound boxes giving kids practice sounding out 2, 3 and 4 phoneme words.

    To play, students say the word out loud normally once and then stretch out the word slowly. They tap their finger (or slide a manipulative) into a box for each phoneme they hear.

    Step up the fun by using the sound boxes with a variety of manipulatives: sliding counting chips, driving in Matchbox cars, squishing balls of playdough, clipping small clothespins, sliding LEGO bricks, or writing an X with a dry erase marker.

    Children will soon be able to name and replace phonemes in a snap!

    NOTE: All of our activity packs are instant downloads.

  • Beginning Sound Activity Pack


    As children learn how to read, the part of words they are able to isolate and spell first are beginning sounds. It is as though their brain works so hard to pull apart that first sound that the rest of the letters just melt away.

    These eleven beginning sound games are the perfect combination of fun and effective for kids! Children will be ready to move on to ending sounds in no time.

    Check out all of the motivating details below.



    –> Clip cards

    –> Alphabet match up puzzles

    –> 5 game boards

    –> Color by sound no prep sheets

    –> Sound sort

    –> Mystery beginning sound no prep sheets

    –> Beginning sound cover up mats (in color and black and white)


    NOTE: All of our activities are instant downloads.

  • Handwriting Activity Pack


    These NO PREP handwriting activity sheets make it fun for kids to practice letter names, letter formation and letter sounds!

    BIG UPDATE–> The pack now includes D’Nealian handwriting pages and British English versions that ask kids to “colour” instead of “color”.

    Use the covers to bind them together as an engaging handwriting book or have kids work on the sheets one at a time!

    The handwriting activity sheets are great to use as morning work, word work stations, supplemental handwriting practice or alphabet activity in kindergarten or preschool.



    –> Write upper and lowercase letters with highlighters,

    –> Rainbow write them with six colors of crayons (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple),

    –> Write them in boxes

    –> Trace them on a line

    –> And color a word that starts with the sound


    These handwriting activity sheets are so motivating! Just print and play.

  • Rhyming Games


    Make learning to rhyme fun for kids with eight motivating games! The activities are great to use as literacy centers, morning work or guided reading games.

    Just print, prep and play year after year.

    There’s so much included in this set! Check out all the fun details below.



    –> 18 Rhyming Puzzles

    –> Spin a Rhyme

    –> Rhyming Bingo (Class Set)

    –> Color the Rhyme

    –> I Have, Who Has (Class Set)

    –> Rhyming Sort

    –> 18 Clip Cards

    –> Rhyme Time Game


    NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.

  • Phonics Toolkit


    This phonics toolkit makes it easy to teach letter sounds in fun, hands-on and playful ways. Just prep the toolkits once and students can use them all year long!



    –> Easy to follow assembly directions

    –> 6 colorful phonics tool kit labels

    –> An alphabet chart

    –> A digraph and blend chart

    –> 2 consonant and vowel sound walls (one with mouth shapes and one without)

    –> A reusable sound map

    Plus a list of additional hands-on supplies you can add from the dollar store, Target or Walmart for even more fun!

  • Word Chain Lists


    These word chain lists are a huge time and sanity saver! Instead of getting stuck trying to come up with complete word chains on your own, just print these done-for-you lists. There are 7 different varieties of word chains you can use with daily warm ups, centers, whole-class practice, or small groups.

    Snag your set and then hit “print” to get 112 ready-to-go word chains!

  • Hidden Letters


    Calling all alphabet detectives! The ABCs have gone missing and it’s your job to hunt them down.

    Kids will love coloring the uppercase and lowercase letters to make the hidden picture magically appear.

    The set includes one page for all 26 letters from A to Z.


    –> Bundle with 19 more alphabet activities and save!


  • Long Vowel Phonics Posters


    Get these 11 magic E long vowel word family printable posters to add a perfect visual to your classroom walls or bulletin boards! They can be be used when introducing new long vowels, reviewing learned long vowels, or even as visuals for centers.


    • 3 Magic E long A
    • 3 Magic E long I
    • 4 Magic E long O
    • 1 Magic E long U
  • Short Vowel Phonics Posters


    These 15 short vowel word family printable posters are a perfect visual to add to your classroom walls or bulletin boards! They can be be used when introducing new short vowels, reviewing learned short vowels, or even as visuals for centers.


    • 3 Short A
    • 3 Short E
    • 3 Short I
    • 3 Short O
    • 3 Short U
  • Alphabet Posters


    These bright and colorful alphabet posters are the perfect addition to your classroom or homeschool!

    They’re a helpful tool for Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students who are learning beginning sounds because they can easily match the upper and lowercase alphabet letter to a familiar word that starts with it.

    You can even print multiple sheets on a page to make flashcards students can take home for review.

    Get ready to add a fun pop of color to your walls!



    –> 26 alphabet posters featuring uppercase and lowercase letters and an image to go along with the letter

  • Letter Sound Wheels


    These letter sound wheels are absolute alphabet perfection! The playful clip cards are a motivating way to work on beginning sounds.

    Clip the words that start with each letter.

    But don’t be fooled! Four of the choices aren’t a match.

    There’s one wheel for all 26 letters.

    —> Bundle with all of our other alphabet activities and SAVE!