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  • Alphabet Posters


    These bright and colorful alphabet posters are the perfect addition to your classroom or homeschool!

    They’re a helpful tool for Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students who are learning beginning sounds because they can easily match the upper and lowercase alphabet letter to a familiar word that starts with it.

    You can even print multiple sheets on a page to make flashcards students can take home for review.

    Get ready to add a fun pop of color to your walls!



    –> 26 alphabet posters featuring uppercase and lowercase letters and an image to go along with the letter

  • Syllable Division Posters


    Grab 10 syllable division posters to help even struggling readers decode unfamiliar, multisyllabic words.

    Fun animal rules make it easier for students to remember where to create syllable divisions. Breaking words into smaller pieces makes them more manageable and helps students determine vowel sounds.

    These playful, colorful posters are the perfect visual reminders for your classroom walls or literacy centers. Add a copy of the Syllable Division Posters to your cart to give your students another tool in their decoding tool belt!

  • R-Controlled Vowel Centers


    These 10 playful R-controlled vowel centers make it fun to practice 5 different spelling patterns in words: AR, ER, IR, OR and UR.

    Play a round of Ropin’ Rodeo, match up R-controlled vowel puzzles, sort popcorn word families…. kids will love playing all 10 centers!



    –> Smarty Pants flip and write game

    –> Ropin’ Rodeo game board

    –> Treasure Hide and Seek pocket chart game

    –> Space I Spy write around the room

    –> Superhero Sprint dice game

    –> Puzzle Pairs match up

    –> Popcorn Words read and sort activity

    –> Word Family Puzzles

    –> Clip Cards

    –> And What’s Right read and color sheets


    That’s 10 engaging R-controlled vowel centers in all!

  • Ending Digraph Centers


    These 11 motivating digraph centers and posters focus on ENDING digraphs – an important next step for students after they have learned to recognize and spell BEGINNING digraphs.

    The centers make it fun to practice -CH, -CK, -NG, -SH, and -TH.

    Play I Spy, solve puzzles, race around game boards, sort digraph gumballs, and so much more.



    –> 5 posters (one for each ending digraph)
    –> Hide & seek pocket chart game
    –> Snowball tic-tac-toe
    –> Roll & write game
    –> Roll it, read it, write it game
    –> Gumball sort
    –> Digraph puzzles
    –> Digraph concentration game
    –> Di-Graph practice sheets
    –> Phonics 4 in a row game

  • Short O Centers


    Make it fun for students to practice reading and writing short O words with this motivating batch of 12 short O centers!

    The mega pack includes 12 print-and-play activities focusing on the 7 most common word families:

    -OB, -OD, -OG, -OM, -OP, -OT, -OX



    –> 5 playful board games

    –> 5 no-prep roll and write sheets

    –> Flip and write “Bubble Bash” game

    –> Sound it out mats

    –> Roll and graph game

    –> Flip and write “Flower Power” game

    –> Hide and seek pocket chart game

    –> 2 no-prep read and color sheets

  • Compound Word Centers


    Make it fun to learn how to read and write compound words with these 14 motivating centers!

    The mega pack of compound word centers includes 14 print-and-play activities focusing on dozens of common compound words including butterfly, football and pancake.



    –> 3 motivating board games

    –> 2 active I spy games

    –> 2 pocket chart hide and seek games

    –> Batch of no prep roll and write sheets

    –> 2 playful flip and write games

    –> Sound it out mats

    –> Roll and graph game

    –> 2 sets of puzzles

    –> BONUS: compound word poster

  • Short U Centers


    Short U centers just got a whole lot more fun! This playful set of 11 print-and-play activities keep kids engaged while they work on the 9 most common short U word families:

    -UB, -UD, -UG, -UM, -UN, -UP, -US, -UT, -UX



    –> 5 playful board games

    –> 4 spin, read and color sheets

    –> 5 sound it out mats

    –> 5 I Spy games

    –> Word family puzzles

    –> Clip cards

    –> Flip and write “Bubble Bash” game

    –> 2 no-prep color by word family sheets

  • Short I Centers


    Help students learn to read and write short I words with these 14 motivating centers!

    The mega pack of short I centers includes 14 print-and-play activities focusing on the 8 most common word families:

    -IB, -ID, -IG, -IM, -IN, -ING -IP, -IT



    –> 6 flip and color games

    –> 8 engaging board games

    –> 8 no prep roll and write sheets

    –> 8 hands-on playdough mats

    –> Hide and seek pocket chart game

    –> Ice cream sort

    That’s 14 addictively fun short I literacy centers in all!

  • Inflectional Ending Centers


    Grab 12 inflectional ending centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to practice adding -ED, -ES, -ING and -S to words and includes tons of motivating options that are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons…

    There’s even an irregular verb activity so you can introduce “rule breakers” too!



    –> 4 Foldable Mini-Books (one each for -ED, -ES, -ING and -S)

    –> 4 Verb Cover Ups (present tense -ING, present tense -S and -ES, past tense -ED and past tense irregular verbs)

    –> Hide and Seek

    –> Past Tense Puzzles

    –> Word Family Puzzles

    –> Smarty Pants

    –> Roll, Read & Write

    –> Rill and Write

    –> Pig Pen

    –> Outer Space Sort

    –> Spin a Word Ending

  • Short E Centers


    Get ready for some serious fun! These 12 playful print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 6 most common short E word families:

    -EB, -ED, -EG, -EM, -EN, -ET



    –> 4 motivating game boards

    –> 4 sound it out playdough mats

    –> 4 I spy games

    –> 4 roll and graph centers

    –> 24 clip cards

    –> 2 no prep cut and sort sheets


    That’s 12 short E print-and-play centers in all!

  • Short A Centers


    Focusing on one vowel at a time helps many kids learn to differentiate those tricky middle sounds once and for all.

    This mega pack of Short A centers includes 13 playful print-and-play activities honing in on the 8 most common short A word families:

    -AB, -AD, -AG, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX

    Just print and play!



    –> 7 motivating game boards

    –> 7 no prep spin and color sheets

    –> 7 I spy games

    –> 8 roll and graph centers

    –> Word family puzzles

    –> Flip and write game

    –> Sound it out building cards

  • Sound Walls


    The science of reading has proven that teaching students to hear the sounds in words helps them learn to read more quickly. These print-and-go sound walls make teaching those sounds quick, easy, and fun for kids!




    –> Easy to follow directions including 5 questions you can ask students to help them differentiate between the look and feel of each sound


    –> 2 bulletin board-sized sound walls so you can choose the design you like best


    –> 2 file folder-sized sound walls that make it easy to create an individual set for each child in class


    –> Cover up sheets that build students’ excitement to learn a new sound

  • Contraction Centers


    Snag 6 contraction centers in one easy download! The playful activity pack makes it fun to make popular contractions including can’t, she’ll, don’t, doesn’t, haven’t and dozens more. The options are perfect for one-on-one instruction, small groups, literacy centers OR whole class lessons!



    –> 5 Flap-Books (one each had, have, is, not and will)

    –> Hide and Seek Pocket Chart Game

    –> 24 Contraction Puzzles

    –> Flip & Write Game

    –> 18 Clip Cards

    –> Unicorn Race Board Game

  • Ending Blend Centers


    These 8 ending blend centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade literacy centers, word work stations, or homeschool activities.

    Just like the beginning blend centers, you can focus on one type of blend with newer readers (for instance, L blends) or review several different blends at the same time for kiddos who are ready for a challenge.

    The playful centers practice 9 of the most common ending blends:

    -CT, -FT, -LD, -LF, -LK, -LP, -MP, -NK, and -PT.



    –> Phonics Cover Up

    –> Word Trash

    –> Rocket Words

    –> Blend Puzzles

    –> Roll, Read and Write Game

    –> Spin and Write Game

    –> Phonics Puzzles

    –> Blend Color Up

  • August Centers


    August math and literacy centers just got a whole lot easier to plan! These 19 print-and-play stations practice letter sounds, word families, sight words, shapes, graphing and so much more.

    They are perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    –> Rhyming Puzzles

    –> Uppercase ABC Pencil Match Up

    –> Uppercase-Lowercase ABC Pencil Match Up

    –> Beginning Sound Clip Strips

    –> EDITABLE Lunch Rush Sight Word Game Board

    –> EDITABLE Hide & Seek Sight Word Pocket Chart Game

    –> EDITABLE Flip & Write Sight Word Game

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Graph

    –> CVC Word Family Puzzles

    –> 3 Story Starters + Word Cards


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, graphing, addition and subtraction.

    –> 2 Roll & Cover Pattern Block Mats

    –> 2 Roll, ADD, Cover Pattern Block Mats

    –> Roll & Color Number Game

    –> Roll & Add Addition Game

    –> Roll & Subtract Subtraction Game

    –> Shape Graph Game

    –> 4 Graphs of the Week

    –> EDITABLE Word Graph

    –> 2D Shape Clip Cards (2 versions: read the word + read the shape)



  • Decodable Floss Rule Centers

    With these 6 decodable centers, practicing the floss rule becomes both simple and fun. The 15 different games give you the options you need for literacy centers, word work stations, small groups, or homeschool activities. 
    Because the centers are decodable, the words are carefully selected to ensure that they contain only the phonics patterns and sight words that students have already been taught. This helps to build students’ fluency and confidence as they read, while also providing them with ample opportunities to practice and reinforce their new skills.
    This big pack practices 4 of the most common floss rules: -FF, -LL, -SS, -ZZ.
    Grab these centers to give your students fun, interactive floss rule practice