R-Controlled Vowel Centers


These 10 playful R-controlled vowel centers make it fun to practice 5 different spelling patterns in words: AR, ER, IR, OR and UR.

Play a round of Ropin’ Rodeo, match up R-controlled vowel puzzles, sort popcorn word families…. kids will love playing all 10 centers!



–> Smarty Pants flip and write game

–> Ropin’ Rodeo game board

–> Treasure Hide and Seek pocket chart game

–> Space I Spy write around the room

–> Superhero Sprint dice game

–> Puzzle Pairs match up

–> Popcorn Words read and sort activity

–> Word Family Puzzles

–> Clip Cards

–> And What’s Right read and color sheets


That’s 10 engaging R-controlled vowel centers in all!