Syllable Division Posters


Grab 10 syllable division posters to help even struggling readers decode unfamiliar, multisyllabic words.

Fun animal rules make it easier for students to remember where to create syllable divisions. Breaking words into smaller pieces makes them more manageable and helps students determine vowel sounds.

These playful, colorful posters are the perfect visual reminders for your classroom walls or literacy centers. Add a copy of the Syllable Division Posters to your cart to give your students another tool in their decoding tool belt!



  • VCCV Rabbit Rule
  • VCCV Reptile Rule
  • VCCV Candy Rule
  • VCCV Hornet Rule
  • VCV Tiger Rule
  • VCV Camel Rule
  • VV Lion Rule
  • C+LE Turtle Rule
  • VCCCV Dolphin Rule
  • Compound Seahorse Rule