Help kids understand linear measurement with this batch of playful, hands-on STEM challenges. They’re the perfect addition to your STEM center, measurement unit, or STEM boxes!

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Linear Measurement STEM Cards

Peek Inside

The 60 hands-on task cards and corresponding record sheets give kids practice measuring and comparing length using unifix cubes.

In the first 45 cards, children compare two piles of objects to determine which set is longer.

What is longer? 2 unifix cubes or 5 paper clips?

11 unifix cubes or 5 pencils?

Linear Measurement STEM Cards
When they’re ready for a challenge, students then move on to the 15 extension cards.

Linear Measurement STEM Cards

-> Find objects in the room that are longer or shorter than a given set,
-> Estimate and then measure the length of objects,
-> And decide what type of measuring tool (ruler, measuring tape or yard stick/meter stick) would be best to use in different situations.

Finally, in the final challenge included in the pack, (and my kids’ favorite activity of all!) children race Matchbox cars to determine which one travels the farthest.

Linear Measurement STEM Cards
The STEM challenge pack is so motivating, hands-on and playful, kids will ask to complete it over and over again.

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Grab your pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Then, snag our Epic STEM Challenge Bundle in our shop!

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    Thank you!

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