I was so impressed when my four year old hopped into the car after preschool and counted from 1 to 100 completely by himself. I may have even patted myself on the back for a minute…. until I realized that he could recite his numbers but he most definitely could not recognize his numbers {past 17}. Whoops.

So I made this really fun I Spy {his latest obsession} math game – to help teach number recognition.  Then, after spying numbers, check out our Number Formation Pack in our shop!

This is the perfect activity to do with your preschooler while on a road trip, or while you are making dinner but they are hanging onto your leg begging for something to do because they are so “boooorrrrrreeeeddd”. {Please tell me I am not the only one whose child does that!}

Number Recognition I Spy

To play, I printed off the nine pages and had my son grab the medium of choice. Some of his favorites are:

  • Do-A-Dot Markers
  • Star stickers
  • Plain ol’ crayons

I cut off the bottom section of the page my son was going to be working on. {The numbers are printed below the dotted line with the scissors graphic for adults to reference.}

I Spy Math Game

Then I picked the number 16 and said, “I spy sixteen”.

My son found the 16 on his I Spy sheet, marked it and said, “It has a one and six.”

Fun, free I Spy Number Recognition.

Having him tell me the individual numbers that make up the number let me know he got it right. For instance, when I said, “I Spy the number 20,” he found it and said, ” Two, zero. Twenty.”

That is it!

This is really fun for kids who are not only learning their numbers but also those kids who may benefit from some review.

Grab Your I Spy Sheets

Be sure to below and then hop over and check out our Number Formation Pack!

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