With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the un-BEE-lievable school year we have had!  This end of the school year craftivity is a perfect way to reflect on a great school year while practicing some brainstorming and writing skills.

Plus it makes an adorable bulletin board for the hallway!

Scroll below to grab your freebie!  Then, if you’re in the mood for more writing, snag our Writing Center Starter Kit to start the next school year off right!

Getting Ready

Prepping for this craftivity was a snap.

I decided to print the three bee toppers on cardstock for extra durability.

I printed the rest of the pages on white paper, but if you really want to do a fun spin you could print them on brightly colored Astrobright paper.

Then, I grabbed some scissors, colorful construction paper, and a pencil for each student.

End of the Year Bee Craftivity

To start, I asked the kids to take out their writing prompt pages and brainstorm about their school year.

One prompt page has writing prompts to help kids get started. While the other prompt page is blank for students who already know what they want to say.

Once all the prompts had been filled out, they were ready to work on their practice sentences.

I let students choose the paper they liked best – providing multi-lined paper for my beginning writers and single lined paper for my more advanced students.

I worked my way around to each small group and helped kids correct their punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

When all of their sentences had been corrected, they were ready to carefully copy them onto the final paper.

Once all the stories were written down, it was art time!

I let each child choose from the three different bee toppers.

Then, I grabbed some crayons and let the kids get as busy as bees!

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Snag Your Copy

Ready to get crafty? Scroll down and click the blue button for your free download, then click to grab our Writing Center Starter Kit for more writing fun!

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  1. I LOVE this!!!!!!
    It’s too late for my littles to do this this year (last day is tomorrow), but I can’t wait to use this next year!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!!

    1. Hooray Pam!
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Have a wonderful summer break.

  2. Thank you for not just this freebie but literally for all the resources you give us. Thank you for doing all the hardwork and blessing us with the beautiful outcomes.
    Be blessed &thank you again, so much.
    Love, just a southern homeschool mama trying to teach my crazy kiddos.

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