Alphabet Puzzles

Activity for ages 4 to 5.

These bright, hands-on alphabet puzzles make a fantastic literacy center focused on learning letter sounds or identifying beginning sounds in words. It’s a perfect compliment to our popular Alphabet Mega Pack!


Getting Ready

To prep for the activity, I began by printing the puzzles (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability. Then I cut along the  lines to separate the puzzle pieces and ran them through my laminator for added strength.


Puzzle Time

I began by laying out the puzzles with the sounds that the kids knew already.

I grabbed “t” first and asked the kids to name the sound it makes. Then I had them turn their attention to finding the word that began with that /t/ sound.

The kids quickly spotted the turtle piece and connected it with the “t” half. It was a match!

They continued finding all the matching pictures until there were none left.

Then I added in some of the puzzle pictures that the kids were less familiar with such as v, w and u. With some prompting they were able to connect all of the letters with a picture beginning with that sounds.

One student asked why fox was the picture for “x” and I explained that the letter x is often found at the end of words, more than the beginning.

To reinforce the concept, we chatted about other words that end with the “x” sound such as six, fix and box.

The kids in my class loved solving the alphabet puzzles and the activity became a fast favorite at our literacy center!

Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to download your free set of the alphabet puzzles and then hop over and snag our super popular Alphabet Mega Pack too!

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  1. Mary Almanza

    Can you make any games for Spanish alphabet and numbers with the number word 1-20. Using the ten frame, counting objects or number puzzles.
    Thank You,
    Mary Almanza

  2. Hope M

    Great resource – thank you

    • Kimberleigh

      Thanks, Hope! I know your kids will love it.
      Kimberleigh // Community Manager

  3. katie

    I love it, but narwhale? This can be difficult for ELL students and students with limited exposure.



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