If you’re like me, you want your kids to become responsible, capable and thoughtful grown ups. But it can be hard to know what life skills children are ready to tackle along the way. This free life skills checklist shares age-appropriate chores and responsibilities for kids ages two to nine.

These are the skills they don’t teach in schools – those life skills that will set kids up for major success later. 

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Life Skills Checklist

As you’re looking through the list, please remember that this is a guide. There’s no need to panic if you’re child isn’t straightening her bookshelves by seven. But hopefully, it will give you a good idea of the age-appropriate skills she’s ready to tackle along the way.

Age 2

  • Comb hair and brush teeth with help
  • Wipe up spills
  • Put clothes in basket
  • Pick up toys
  • Bring dinner plate to sink

Age 3

  • Help set the table
  • Snap, zip and button clothes
  • Wash hands and face
  • Help clear the table
  • Clean up the bedroom

Age 4

  • Know address and phone number
  • Know how to call 911
  • Brush hair and teeth with minimal help
  • Pick out clothes
  • Begin swim lessons

Age 5

  • Feed pets
  • Put away clean clothes
  • Sweep into pile
  • Pick up the bathroom after use
  • Dust low objects
  • Shower with little help
  • Begin saving, spending and donating to charity
  • Begin swimming independently

Age 6

  • Organize drawers
  • Empty dishwasher and put away dishes
  • Pour milk or juice without spilling
  • Empty the trash
  • Put away groceries
  • Bathe alone
  • Make a simple snack
  • Pack a basic lunch

Age 7

  • Vacuum
  • Water plants
  • Make the bed
  • Bring clothes hamper to laundry room
  • Sort clothes by color and check pockets
  • Straighten bookshelves
  • Mix, stir and cut with a dull knife

Age 8

  • Sweep with a broom and dustpan
  • Fold clothes
  • Put on clean sheets
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Take out the trash
  • Weed the garden
  • Read and follow a basic recipe
  • Make a grocery list
  • Learn simple sewing
  • Count and make change
  • Brush hair and teeth without being reminded
  • Trim fingernails
  • Begin working on time management
  • Begin music lessons

Age 9

  • Load and turn on the washing machine
  • Fold blankets and sheets neatly
  • Organize the bathroom
  • Make scrambled eggs
  • Cook hot dogs
  • Hammer a nail independently
  • Use a screwdriver, pliers and a wrench
  • Read and understand nutrition labels
  • Plan a balanced, healthy meal for the family
  • Answer the phone politely
  • Write down a phone message
  • Complete activities in a certain amount of time

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  1. Hello! This is exactly the checklist that I have been searching for to provide parents in my kindergarten class!! The link to download is not working, is there another way to access this checklist? I would greatly appreciate the help!!

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