Just when kids have finally mastered letter sounds, along come tricky digraphs like CH-, TH- and SH- to trip them up again.  Thankfully, these ten digraph activities make it fun to master all of the most common digraphs in words: CH, CK, KN, NG, PH, QU, SH, TH, and WH.

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Peek Inside the Digraph Activities!

Ready for some serious digraph fun?! These 10 hands-on activities make learning engaging for kids.

The pack includes 8 colorful posters to use when you introduce digraphs or to post on the wall as a handy visual reminder for kids to refer to later.

Kids complete three playful activity flap books.

Digraph activity books!

They practice identifying digraphs with 45 clip cards.

45 digraph clip cards

Children play Digraph Bingo with a class set of game boards.

Class set of digraph bingo

That’s not all – there’s still more digraph activities!  They also color by digraph,

and they mark the correct spelling of each word.

Use a bingo dabber or crayon to color the correct spelling.

They blast into space and sort digraph words along their journey.


And so much more.  These digraph activities are a must for the classroom!

Grab Your Set

Ready to play?! Download your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  

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