Teaching kids how to read and write word families increases their reading fluency by showing them spelling patterns in words. These hands-on, motivating games and no prep activities make memorizing the most common word families uber fun for kids.

The activity pack is perfect to use as literacy centers, word work stations, homeschool activities… so many things!

Grab your pack in my shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Mega Word Family Activity Pack. Motivating games plus no prep activity sheets. Love this pack!

The 165 pages teach kids 22 of the most common word families:

-AD, -AG, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX, -ED, -EE, -EN, -ET, -IG, -IN, -ING, -IP, -IT, -OG, -OP, -OT, -UB, -UG, -UN and -UT.

Motivating Games

Since Bingo’s always a hit, I included a full class set of 28 boards for five different word families: -AT, -ET, -IP, -OT and -UG.

Super fun word family Bingo. 5 class sets included!

Practice reading and writing -AT and -IN words as kids stomp through Dino Land.

Practice reading and writing -AT and -IN words in Dinosaur Stomp.

Challenge children to piece together word family puzzles.

Word Family Puzzles!

Work on -OT words including cot, got and hot with a fun round of Robot Race.

8 Motivating Word Family Games for Kids.

Read and clip the most common word families.

I love these word family clip cards!

And tons more…

No Prep Sheets

But that’s not all, for those in a hurry kind of days, I also included plenty of no prep, super motivating practice sheets.

Motivating, hands-on no prep word family sheets.

Kids will focus on one word family at a time as they roll a die and write the corresponding word.

Roll and Write Word Families!

Then they’ll write and color word family flowers.

Write and color word family flowers!

Color by word family.

Color by Word Family!

Read the CVC picture and write the word to match.

See and Spell Word Families

And cut, sort and glue words into the correct word family.

Cut, sort and glue words into word families.

The pages are great for review, take home practice or independent work.

Grab Your Pack Now

Ready to play?! Download your pack in my shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers now.

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