Looking for a fun way to encourage your students to STICK to learning this summer?! With this fun and easy summer writing activity, students brainstorm personal goals to help them to stay engaged and maintain their growth.

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Getting Ready

Prepping is easy!

I printed off both the brainstorming printable and all of the banners on plain white paper.

Then, I cut the banners along the black lines, making sure to have a good mix of both the picture banners and the lined banners so my students could choose what they wanted.

Summer Goals Writing Activity

In my small group, I encouraged my kids to reflect on learning goals they have for themselves and fun ways that they can keep learning during the break.

As students shared, I recorded some of their ideas onto the printable that hung on the board.

They all came up with wonderful personal goals and ways to keep learning. I was so impressed!

Once all students shared their ideas, I asked them to choose at least one goal that they could work towards during their long summer vacation and invited them to pick their favorite banner.

There were picture boxes for beginning writers to draw their goals and write a few words…

… And multi-lined paper banners so more advanced writers could write out specific goals.

As children wrote and drew, I walked around and talked to each student about their goals.

They had the sweetest ideas and great plans on how to achieve them.

Once completed, they shared their goals with their classmates before I taped each sheet to a long piece of colorful twine to make a string of pennants we hung from the ceiling.  The summer writing activity was a motivating hit!

Download Your Copy

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