Do your kids say that they can’t think of anything to write about during Writer’s Workshop?  Problem solved.  Whether you are a teacher looking for a creative writing assignment or a homeschooling parent incorporating literacy, this fun Halloween writing activity is sure to cure any kiddos’ writers’ block!

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Getting Ready

There is almost no prep required for this writing activity. All you need to do is have one single die on hand for kids to roll. Then, simply print the Roll a Silly Story card along with the creative writing papers.

For teachers, print multiple copies of the card to speed up the story selection process.

Silly Spooky Stories

I warned the kids that they were about to have some seriously spooky fun with this Halloween writing activity. With this roll-a-story format, the elements of the story were selected for them, making some very silly character, setting and conflict combinations. There are 216 different stories that can be rolled!


Each child rolled a die three separate times. The first roll selected the main character for their story. If they rolled a one, then they would be writing about the character listed after the one, and so on – all the way down to six.

Their second roll selected their setting. I reminded the kids that the setting of a story includes both the time and place where the story takes place.

Such a fun way to get kids writing!! Roll a silly spooky story.Their third roll selected the conflict, or problem, faced by the main character.

I gave them each a blank piece of paper. They wrote down the results of the three rolls on their paper. Then, they used the rest of the space on the paper for planning so they could write down some ideas they had for their story.

Once they had their silly story starter combinations, the kiddos had a blast with their writing. They could tell this was an activity where they could really let their imaginations run wild. Their writings were very creative and this Halloween writing activity was a huge hit!

Grab Your Copy

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