Racing Pepper Science

When it comes to kids’ science experiments, there are few as easy as this one. Racing Pepper is a simple prep science activity with major “wow” factor! We promise: your kids will love trying it again and again and again…

Awesome kids' science activity! Make racing pepper. So easy and it has major wow factor!

Getting Ready

To prep, we gathered our supplies:

  • Pepper
  • Water
  • A flat plate or bowl
  • Dish soap
  • A Q-tipAwesome kids' science activity! Make running pepper!!

That’s it! See?! I promised it was a synch!

Racing Pepper

Then we got to work giving our pepper a little speed. Check out how we did it!

The Science Behind It

The water has surface tension that keeps all of the molecules in their spot. When you touch the surface of the water with the dish soap, it breaks that surface tension, causing the water to quickly pull the pepper away from the soap and toward the outside edge.

Got the Science Bug?!

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