Looking for a motivating way to practice letters and numbers?! These pattern block challenges are a MUST!  The print and play cards have kids build all 26 uppercase letters, their 26 lowercase pairs PLUS the numbers 0 to 20.

Students will have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re working on problem solving, geometry, math vocabulary… even beginning fractions!  (Sneaky learning is the best, isn’t it?!)

Snag your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Then, for the perfect compliment to these cards, check out our Pattern Block Mats in our shop!

Pattern Block Letters and Numbers

Getting Ready

Prepping the cards was quick and easy!

I simply printed them out and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

Since my daughter was ready to be stretched, I printed off a record sheet.

Then I grabbed our batch of pattern block cards and we were ready to play.

Note: Every letter and number comes in color and black and white so you can print the version that works best for you.

Building Pattern Block Letters and Numbers

To play, Avery grabbed one card at a time and built a replica of the letter with pattern blocks.

It was amazing to watch her work! She thought through the characteristics of each shape before grabbing the match and adding it to her design.

“The next one has 1, 2, 3, 4 sides but they’re kind of tilted so I know it’s not a square. Hey, it looks like this one! It’s a rhombus.”

After finishing each design, I took her learning one step further by having her count the number of blocks she used and write it on her sheet.

Those poor hexagons didn’t get much action!

Over the next few days, Avery worked her way through all 26 upper and lowercase letters PLUS the numbers 0 to 20.

It was such a motivating way to build her letter and shape recognition!

Grab Your Set

Jump over and snag your download in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

And remember to snag our Pattern Block Mats, too!

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