I’m always on the hunt for simple prep, motivating learning activities for kids. That’s our thing, after all! So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Educators’ Spin on It’s new book, 100 Fun & Easy Learning Activities for Kids. And I’m excited to report that it’s as engaging and playful as I hoped.  First up: DIY family word puzzles.

They’re an addictively-fun way to help kids begin recognizing words and practice spelling names.  If you’re looking for kids to learn more words, check out our Editable Word Work Activities in our shop!

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Getting Ready

To prep, we printed ten 4 x 6 inch pictures of family members and a few of our favorite places to spend time together: the park, the baseball field, our local ice cream shop… (All three kiddos inherited my sweet tooth!)

Then, we cut ten 6 x 6 inch pieces of colorful scrapbook paper. Construction paper or cardstock would work well, too!

We glued each photo to a piece of paper, making sure to leave a two inch space at the bottom.

Fun family word puzzles

Then, we wrote a label in the blank space below each picture, leaving plenty of space between the letters.

Great family word puzzles

I carefully cut between each letter, separating the pictures into strips.  The word puzzles were turning out beautifully!

I love these family word puzzles

The kids helped me slide each puzzle into a separate Ziploc so they would have all of the pieces in one spot.

Family Word Puzzles

My kids loved pulling out one puzzle piece at a time and sliding it into the correct spot for their puzzle. It was a brilliantly-fun way to practice name spelling, word recognition, fine motor skills, visual discrimination… so many things at once!

Grab Your Copy

Get ready for some seriously fun learning! Grab your copy of The Educators’ Spin on It’s 100 Fun & Easy Learning Activities for Kids on Amazon.  Then, hop over to snag our Editable Word Work Activities in our shop!

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