Pattern blocks are always a fabulous way to learn about shapes, but our free snowman pattern block mats take kids’ learning to the next level by adding in a dose of counting and addition practice, too.

Grab your set below and then hop over and snag our complete Roll and Cover Pattern Block Pack!

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Getting Ready

Preparing the activity was a synch! I printed the pattern block mats (below) and grabbed our dice and a box of pattern blocks. (You can grab the blocks on Amazon HERE.)

Note: Because I wanted to practice counting and number recognition with Little Sister (age 3) and wanted to work on addition with Middle Brother (age 5), I printed one copy of each mat. Depending on your learning goals, you could either print both sets or stick with just one version.

Roll and Cover Pattern Blocks

I invited Little Sister (age 3) over to join me first. I gave her one die and invited her to roll it.

A two! Little Sister recognized the number of dots right away but needed some help finding the matching number on her mat. With a little guidance, she found a spot on her mat and grabbed a trapezoid to cover it.


One roll after the next, she rolled the die, counted the dots and covered the matching number on her pattern block mat.

And when the picture was complete, we worked together to count the number of each shape.

Roll, Add and Cover Pattern Blocks

Meanwhile, across the table, Middle Brother (age 5) was working on addition. Instead of rolling just one die, he tried his luck with two and added together the numbers that landed on top.


To give him plenty of practice reading and solving addition problems, I had him say the number sentence out loud. (“Two plus two equals four.”)

We also talked a lot about the shapes as he covered them – the number of sides they had, whether those sides were parallel or perpendicular, etc.

And then, just like Little Sister, we counted up the number of each shape when he had completely covered the mat.  By the end, their snowman pattern block mats were vibrant and complete!

Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to grab your free pattern block mats and then don’t forget to snag our complete set of Pattern Block Mats in our shop!

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  1. Wowie wow, I love, love, love this site and all your fun ideas. You just made my job as an EBD special ed. teacher 50% easier. Thank you!!!

    1. Hooray, we love to hear that Melissa and are delighted you found some useful resources.
      Stay inspired!

  2. I can’t get the free snowman pattern block mat. When I click on the link to download now, it says page not found.

  3. The free download says page not found. Could you possibly email it to me?

  4. I’m also getting the “Page Not Found” when I click the download button for the free “Roll, Add and Cover” snowman mat. Could you email it to me as well? Please and thank you!!

  5. I’m not able to download the snowman pattern blocks mat. It says the page isn’t there any longer. I would have purchased them, but they also aren’t part of the complete pattern block set (at least in the description). Is there anyway to get an active link to this freebie?

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