20 Super Fun Number Games for Kids

Activities for ages 3 to 5.

Hands-on number games are a great way to help kids learn how to read, write and understand numbers. This list of 20 “why didn’t I think of that?!” number games shares our favorite finds from across the web.

20 Super Fun Number Games

Writing Numbers

Teach kids silly chants to help them remember how to write numbers.


Then work on a batch of motivating activity sheets.

Print some number playdough mats and trace the numbers with rolled dough.

Number Concept: What Numbers Really Mean

Number Concept

Write one number on each finger to help kids connect written numbers and counting. // In Lieu of Preschool

Cut out a square from a manila envelope, slide a jumbo-sized number inside and have kids guess what’s inside. Such a fun way to have kids explore what numbers look like. // Education.com

Need an active way to help kids learn numbers? Hand over an index card and a hole punch and have kids punch away. // Discover Explore Learn

Create number bags kids can explore to study one number at a time. // J Daniel 4s Mom

Whip up a batch of number trail mix.

Swap out Guess Who? faces for numbers and have kids guess their way to figuring out the right number. // Classe Granedine

String beads on pipe cleaners to practice number concept. // Krazy in Kinder

Make a life size ten frame with black paper plates. // Two Friends in First

Help kids see different combinations that make ten with a rainbow. // A Cupcake for the Teacher

Grab a Ziploc bag and slide some counters inside to make easy number concept bags showing different combinations that make the same number. // Mrs. T’s First Grade Class

Make DIY teen boards to teach kids about teen numbers. // A Handmade Childhoos

Turn a pipe cleaner and bead into an easy sliding number line. // Mrs. T’s First Grade Class

Skip Counting

Skip Counting

Introduce Odd Todd and Even Steven to teach kids about odd and even numbers. // The First Grade Parade

Or grab a printable version of the Odd Todd and Even Steven posters. // The STEM Laboratory

Teach kids how to count by tens by making two copies of a hundreds chart – one on white paper and one on colored. Cut the colored paper into strips children can use to highlight one counting by ten column at a time. // Math Coach’s Corner

Use paint chips to help kids practice skip counting. Laminate the cards to use them again and again. // A Kentucky Kindergarten

Make a ten more-ten less number cross to show kids how numbers are connected.

Number Activity Pack

For even more fun, check out our Number Formation Pack filled with fun ways to practice number writing and number concept. (Including these activity sheets!) 

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  1. Cindy

    I love the number formation poems. Could you email them to me? That poem is different than the poem I sing. Thank you.

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    I LOVE the number formation poems can you please email them to me? Thank you very much for sharing your talents:-)

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      Hi Terri,
      I’m so glad you like the number formation poems.
      They are a part of our Number Formation Pack, You can purcahse that item HERE.
      Thanks so much!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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