15 Awesome Teaching Tips

I totally geek out on genius teaching tips! You too?! This batch of brilliant teacher hacks is sure to make your school days run more smoothly. Check them out and then hop over and snag our free lesson plan book too!


With just a few minutes of prep, you’ll save tons of time and sanity! These 15 ideas are sure to come in handy again and again.


Help parents settle into the new school routine with a free EDITABLE back to school night flip book. // KinderCraze

Motivate chatty kids to hold back on calling out with a batch of blurt cubes. // Miss Giraffe’s Class

Teach kids how to be more friendly to each other with a Kindness Club! // Sara J Creations

Take students’ learning to the next level with a batch of free question cards based on Bloom’s higher level thinking. // Dragonflies in First

And when they need a brain break, pull out some free wiggle cards. // This Reading Mama

Use ouch lotion to cure little owies without a trip to the nurse’s office. // Miss Giraffe’s Class


Quickly label kids’ supplies at the start of school with a sheet of name labels. // KinderCraze

Snap a fridge-worthy thank you note to give families when they send in wish list items.  // Head Over Heels for Teaching

Keep headphone cords from getting tangled by wrapping them with a clothespin. // Third is the Word

Write students’ names on the cover of your guided reading binders with vis-a-vis pens so you can easily swap them out later. // Literacy and Lattes

Store crayons in soap containers. No more torn cardboard boxes! // Noteworthy Nails


Encourage kids to clean their hands by turning a sanitizer bottle into a bathroom pass. // Drop Your Anchor in 4th

Map out bulletin boards with post-its so you can put everything in its just right spot the first time. // Simply Kinder

Help little hands hold playing cards with some DIY pool noodle holders. // Brown Bag Teacher

Store bulky headphones in hanging shoe organizers! // A Smiling Teacher

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