Sight word games are a motivating way to help kids learn how to read and write the most common words in English. This Star Wars-themed twist steps up the cool factor. Kids will love battling Darth Vader as they play along with this active, engaging sight word game.

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May the force be with you!

Getting Ready

I printed the free sight word cards (HERE) on cardstock to give them extra durability. (I picked the set with a blue background but I also included an identical white version in case you want to conserve ink.) Then, I grabbed my scissors and cut them apart. Easy peasy!

For the next step, I transformed a pool noodle I’d picked up at the Dollar Store into a lightsaber. I cut off about a foot from one end to make the pool noodle less floppy and then wrapped it with some shiny silver duct tape and a strip of sparkly black Scotch Brand expressions tape to make a futuristic handle.

Star Wars Sight Word Game

I taped the sight word cards to our fence outside so my son would have plenty of room to joust and invited him to join me.

Star Wars Sight Word Game

The moment my son set eyes on the Darth Vader cards, he fell instantly smitten. He eagerly grabbed his imaginary lightsaber to start battling the evil Darth Vader sight words. I had him read the word, spell it and then read it again to help his brain memorize.

“Away. A-W-A-Y. Away!” he called out as he whipped his saber through the air.

Star Wars Sight Words!“Help. H-E-L-P. Help,” he chanted next.

Star Wars Themed Sight Word Game!One sight word after another, he defeated Darth Vader and practiced reading and spelling the top 40 sight words in English.

When he was finished a few minutes later, we collected the cards and brought them inside so he could record his conquests on an official Star Wars Sight Word sheet. So fun and motivating!!

Star Wars Sight Word Sheet

Ready to Play?

Grab your free Star Wars Sight Word Game ({HERE) and then hop over and snag our best selling sight word games in the shop!


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