Spring Number Puzzles

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Looking for a way to make counting and identifying numbers fun this spring? These 1-12 spring number puzzles are perfect for getting your preschooler counting and matching! With bright and fun pictures to count, they are perfect to add to your plans this spring!

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Getting Ready

My kids love puzzles, and I love to have a variety of them to meet the different needs of my students. Some of my kids need some practice with numbers 1-12, and these puzzles capture their attention with their bright and colorful pictures to count!

To prep the number puzzles, I printed the pages, laminated them so that I can use them multiple times and then cut them apart on the bold lines. They were ready in a flash!

These free spring counting puzzles are a fun way to work on counting and identifying numbers to 12!

Number Puzzles Counting to 12

Time to count! We first ordered the numbered cards 1 to 12. This was a great chance to see who could recognize numbers as well as understand number sequence.

Then, we grabbed a card with a spring picture set and began to count! This was a great chance to see who had one-to-one correspondence and also who could subitize (recognize numbers in a set instantly without counting).

After counting 8 flowers, we grabbed the number 8 from the number line and put them together.

Next, we counted 12 rabbits. We grabbed the number 12 and put them together to complete that set as well. We kept matching and playing until all 12 puzzles were complete!

These free spring counting puzzles are a fun way to work on counting and identifying numbers to 12!

If you wanted to make the number puzzle activity more independent, you could also opt to write the numeral on the back of the counting cards to make them self checking. If you do, just be sure to print them on cardstock so that they aren’t see through!

Grab Your Set

Read to count and match sets to numbers? Click the blue button below to grab your copy of the spring counting puzzles and then hop over and grab our Number Formation Pack for more math fun!

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