Spring Addition

Activity for ages 5 to 6.

Dive into your stash of mini erasers or use our printable cut outs for a playful spring addition game that gives kids practice writing and solving addition equations. It’s a perfect compliment to our popular Addition Write and Wipe Cards!

Getting Ready

To prepare the activity, I printed the mat on white cardstock and put it in a plastic page protector. (You could run it through the laminator instead.)

I grabbed a dry eraser marker and eraser, as well as a pencil and two paper clips to use as spinners.

The Target Dollar Spot has the cutest spring themed erasers – bunnies, eggs, and butterflies.  These erasers are the perfect manipulative to use for adding.

If you do not have these erasers, included in the download (found at the end of the post), I included paper versions of bunnies, eggs, and butterflies.

Spring Addition

Playing Spring Addition was simple!

Students first spun the egg, bunny, and butterfly spinner.  Then they spun the 1-5 spinner.  They counted out that many of the object from the first spinner on the ten frame.

In this example, the student spun five bunnies so he placed five bunny erasers on the ten frame.

Students then spun the egg, bunny, and butterfly spinner and the 1-5 spinner again and counted out that many objects on the ten frame.

In our example, the student’s second spin was four eggs so he placed four egg erasers on the ten frame.

Finally, students recorded the equation to match what they counted out on the ten frame.  The + and = symbols were already on the mat, so students just needed to record the numbers.

5 + 4 = 9

Spring Addition was a huge hit! It’s a great activity to use in the classroom as an independent math station after students have become familiar with it.

Grab Your Download

Ready for some Spring Addition fun?!  Just click the blue button below to grab your free download and then hop over and snag our Addition Write and Wipe Cards and Addition Fact Fluency Pack too!

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