This Reindeer Coverall activity is a fun and festive way to help students identify numbers, as well as combine dots to add. I love using coverall games with my students because they can be used as a partner or individual math station.

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Getting Ready

This Reindeer Coverall activity is super easy to prepare!

There are four different mats included in the download (found below) so you can choose which mat best meets the needs of your students.

If you’ll be using the game in a classroom, I would recommend laminating the mats or putting them in a plastic sleeve protector for durability.

I first printed the coverall mats on white card stock.

Then, I grabbed some festive red and green pom poms.  They were the perfect manipulative to use to cover the spaces on the mats.

I also grabbed some playing dice.  Depending on which version of the game you are using, you will either need one playing die to practice the numbers 1 to 6 or two dice if you’d like to work on 2 through 12.

Reindeer Coverall Activity for Numbers 1-6

There are two versions of the Reindeer Coverall activity mat included in the download for students to practice working with numbers 1-6.

One version has ten frame representations for the numbers 1-6, like this:

The other version has the numerals 1-6 on the mat for students to cover, like this:

To play, students took turns rolling the dot cube.

Then they counted the number of dots that landed on top, told their partner what they rolled and covered that ten frame or number on their mat.

When the first player rolled a three, she grabbed a green pom pom and covered up the matching three ten frame on her mat.

Students continued rolling the dot cube and covering the ten frame or numeral until they covered all of the spots on their mat.

Reindeer Coverall Activity for Numbers 2-12

Also included in the download are two versions of the Reindeer Coverall activity mat for students to work with numbers 2-12.

One version has ten frame representations for numbers 2-12:

The other version has the numerals 2-12:

Just like before, students rolled their dice, named the number that landed on top and covered the matching numeral on their mat.

Only this time, they were playing with TWO dice instead of one, so students could stretch themselves with beginning addition. They might count all of the dots together or you could have them say the addition equation.

For instance, when a student rolled a four and a one, she added the dots together by counting and determined that the sum was five.  She said, “four plus one equals five all together.”  Then, she covered the 5 on her mat.

Such a simple yet motivating activity!

Grab Your Download

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