Rainbows can brighten the rainiest and gloomiest of spring days and these Rainbow Sight Word Puzzles are no exception!

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Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I printed each page and then used a paper cutter to cut around the outer black lines and scissors to cut along the zigzag lines.

I wanted to make sure these puzzles would be durable enough to use year after year, so I also laminated them.

Rainbow Sight Word Puzzles

Once the pieces were ready, I spread out the puzzle pieces on the table.

Since my kiddos were just beginning to learn these sight words, I only gave them four puzzles so that they wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.

I had one student choose a puzzle piece and read the word “more.”

Then, she looked through the rest of the pieces to find the match.

She quickly grabbed the other half of the rainbow, picked it up, and read “more” out loud.

It was a match!

She proudly put the pieces together to complete the puzzle.

We continued matching until the children had completed all of the sight word puzzles.

Sight Word Puzzles Extension Idea

Once my students had mastered most of the words, I mixed up all the pieces, set a timer and then watched to see how quickly they could put all of the puzzles together.

The kids begged to do this over and over again as they tried to beat their previous time!

It was a great way to have a little friendly competition and keep the kids engaged.

Grab Your Download

Ready for some fun sight word practice? Grab your copy below and then hop over and snag our best selling sight word games in the shop!

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