Bidding farewell to summer doesn’t have to be sad!  With these fun and differentiated summer reports, students will be able to relive their best summer memories and share them with their classmates.

Scroll down to grab your own copy of the writing activity and then hop over and snag our Writing Center Starter Kit to set up a writing center right in your classroom!  It’s a great way to start off the year.

Getting Ready

Prep for these summer reports was super simple.

I printed off a copy of the two different writing rubrics for each student, gathered some pencils and we were all set.

I asked my students to sit in a circle and share places they went, favorite things they did and their most favorite memory of the summer.  You can imagine the shot of hands raised up as I asked them to recall their fun summers!

To record their responses, we made a chart so that everyone could easily see and follow along.

Students had a great time sharing their memories and hearing from their friends!

My Summer Report

In small groups, I helped my students choose the summer report writing page that best fit their ability level.

For students who were still learning print awareness, I encouraged them to draw pictures while more advanced students chose the report with lines.

Using the lists we had created, children decided what they wanted to share and copied words from the board or drew their own pictures.

When they were complete, we shared as a class and displayed their reports on our writing wall.  It made the transition to school much easier!

Download Your Copy

Ready to share some summer memories?

Scroll down and click the blue download button to snag your own summer reports and then make sure to jump over and check out our Writing Center Starter Kit in our shop!

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