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Getting Ready

This counting activity was really easy to prepare! I simply printed all 11 pages of the book on festive green paper.

Since there are two matching book pages on every sheet, I used my paper trimmer to cut the books in half and added two staples on the side of each one.

Then, I printed one leprechaun ten frame mat for each child on white cardstock to give it extra durability.

I also grabbed a bucket of gold coins I’d found at a dollar store to use as counting chips.

That’s it! We were ready for some leprechaun gold counting.

Gold Coin Counting Activity

To introduce the book to my students, I gave them each a copy.

We looked through the book for high frequency words, letters, punctuation, spaces, numbers, etc.

Then, we read the book out loud together, making sure to point along in the books as we read.

When we were finished, I gave each of my students a leprechaun ten frame mat and 10 gold coins.

This time as we read the book, the students counted out the number of gold coins on their ten frame mat that matched the number of coins the leprechaun had in his pot.

Students were able to practice one-to-one counting skills on the ten frame mat with each page.

When the leprechaun had eight coins…

Students counted eight gold coins on their ten frame mat.

I loved that the counting activity helped my students with both literacy AND math skills.

It’s a must-try activity for March!

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