Growing up, no one knew how to pronounce my name. Mul-I-u, Malyu, Mala… In middle school, some kids even decided to morph it into “Malaria.” (What can I say? Middle schoolers have a unique sense of humor.) But once I explained that “Malia” sounded just like “Maria” with an L, it almost always clicked into place. As if by magic, strangers could suddenly pronounce my name correctly.

Taking something KNOWN and applying it to something NEW helps everyone make connections! That’s why I love this pair of math centers so much.  Kids practice shapes using REAL objects that they’re already familiar with like watermelon slices and traffic signs. And to make it easier for you to get EVERY student bigger results, the shapes activity freebie comes in TWO versions so you can quickly adjust the difficulty:

  1. One focuses on 2-dimensional shapes like circles and triangles 
  2. And the second set practices 3-dimensional shapes including spheres and cones

Grab your copy below and then hop over to snag our Pattern Block Mats for more shape fun!

Getting Ready

To prep the shapes activity, I simply printed the cards on cardstock and laminated them for added durability.

Then, I sliced along the lines to separate the pieces.

That’s it! We were ready to play.

I Have, Who Has Shapes Activity

I wanted to use the shapes game as review for my first grader, so I passed out the deck to Avery and her older brothers – making sure that every child had the same amount.

Then, Avery looked at the first card in her hand and read it out loud:

“I have a triangle pizza. Who has a rectangle dollar bill?”

The kids looked through their stacks and Grant found the matching card. He read:

“I have the rectangle dollar bill. Who has the triangle clothes hanger?”

Play continued until all of the cards had been found.

Then, I gathered up the set and pulled out the 3-dimensional version so Avery could practice cylinders, cubes and prisms too!

Grab Your Download

Get ready for some seriously fun math practice!

Click the blue download button below to snag your free I Have, Who Have Game!

Then, hop over to check out our Pattern Block Mats for more practice with shapes!

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