Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?! This fun Thanksgiving craftivity is a great way to get kiddos thinking about the many things that they are thankful for in their lives.

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Thanksgiving Craftivity

Getting Ready

I started this Thanksgiving craftivity by printing the turkey body and a set of feathers for each child.

NOTE: If printing and copying larger quantities is an issue for you then you could alternately give each child one feather to use as a template. They could then trace that onto colored construction paper and cut their feathers out from that.

Fun free Thanksgiving craftivity!

Then I handed out scissors, glue and color crayons.

Getting to Work

After the kids were done carefully cutting out their turkeys and feathers, it was time to add some color.

When we looked at real life pictures of turkeys, we noticed that their feathers weren’t the most beautifully colored of all the birds we had studied. We decided that for this activity, it would be fine to use some ‘artistic licensing’ and color our turkeys a bit brighter if we wanted.

Giving Thanks

After all the birds were cut and colored, I explained that we would be doing some serious thinking. We took a few minutes to chat about all of the people and things that made us happy in our lives.

Then each child neatly wrote one item they were thankful for on each of their turkey feathers.

Super cute Thanksgiving craftivity! I am thankful for...

Finally, we put our birds together!

I reminded the kiddos that one dab of glue on the bottom of each feather was plenty to stick them to the back of the turkey body.

The end results were not only cute and colorful to look at but also super sweet to read.

Grab Your Thanksgiving Craftivity

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    1. You are very welcome, Elisabetta!
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  1. I always tell my students that the things they were thankful for had to be “things you can’t buy.

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